Tips for Beach Masturbation.

May 11, 2022

Can you even call yourself adventurous if you’ve never tried public masturbation before? Or beach masturbation, for that matter. Even though the idea might seem quite unusual, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Pleasuring yourself in a public place can be a huge turn-on; many people find the risk of getting caught extremely arousing. If you’re one of them, make sure you keep on reading.

This guide should answer all questions you might have, including; is masturbation on the beach possible? And how to make it work with sheer success? Check it out. 


Luckily, beach masturbation isn’t just a search term on porn sites and can progress from a fantasy into reality with a few simple tips below.

1. Get in the right mood beforehand

 Even though the idea of masturbating in public can turn you on while you’re fantasizing about it from the comfort of your home, when it’s about to finally happen, the nerves can take over, and you might find yourself far from aroused. 

In most people’s cases, taking things from the bedroom to a public place is out of their comfort zone, especially if they don’t prepare for it beforehand. This is why you should make sure you make yourself horny in advance. For example, you can watch ethical porn before you head to the beach or even masturbate for a while to make yourself look forward to more stimulation. When you’re already at your chosen location, watching porn might not be a good idea, but you can always put your earphones in and listen to an erotic audiobook

Just close your eyes and let your body respond to the images brought by your imagination. Coming up with a plan can decrease your anxiety and make this experience more pleasurable overall, so don’t skip this step even if you get aroused fairly easily. 

beach masturbation

2. Set a few rules for yourself before you proceed with public beach masturbation

Remember that masturbation in public is very different from doing it in private. Pay attention to the way you masturbate; If you tend to make noises, you’ll have to restrain yourself when in public. If the big O is visible on your face, you’ll have to tone it down or even learn to keep your face completely straight. 

Remember, very few people would like to witness you in the middle or at the end of the act, so be mindful of that. Lastly, be prepared for the unexpected. Strangers might chat you up if you’re alone, not realizing what you’re up to under the towel. If you usually space out during masturbation, this is something to keep in mind as well. Plus, unless you’re on a nude beach, it’s best to keep your pants on to avoid flashing and make a quick exit if necessary. 

 3. Keep it as hygienic as possible

 To keep things hygienic, the most important thing to take into consideration is the sand. It might not only stick to your butt, but it can also get inside your private parts and do more damage, for example, causing an infection. In other words, a beach towel is a must because sand gets literally everywhere. The best way to overcome this problem is to buy a sandless beach blanket. It keeps the sand off your body by allowing it to fall through the material – worth investing in if you frequent beaches quite often. Additionally, it’s a good idea to clean your hands before you touch yourself. Just remember that the skin down there is delicate – avoid an alcohol-based sanitizer that can irritate it.

4. Take care of the logistics, aka how to keep it lowkey

Unless you’re totally into exhibitionism, you’ll want to be as discreet as possible. While doing it in the water might give you the cover you need, it’s not a good idea – just think of all the bacteria. Plus, people might dive right next to you and realize what you’re doing straight away. 

An alternative could be venturing into a secluded area and doing the deed there. You might be risking being seen, but that could be part of the fun. Just settle behind a rock and enjoy the element of danger. If you want to be a bit more incognito, why not invest in a beach tent? 

While it might not give you the rush you’d gain from doing it while being more exposed, it will ensure no one else knows what’s going on. A beach tent is also a great solution if you don’t want to give up on sex toys or watching porn. You can freely play with your favorites inside without a passerby suspecting a thing. You won’t have to worry about body positioning either – you can do it in any position you like without raising suspicions. 

beach masturbation

Questions and Answers

Real-life is very different from scenarios seen in porn. This is why you should consider a few things before you attempt beach masturbation. 

Is Masturbation On the Beach Illegal?

The short answer is yes; exposing yourself in public is illegal. So does having sex in a car if someone catches you, but it doesn’t happen often. As far as morality goes, it depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re turned on by being surrounded by naked people on a nude beach, you should ask yourself if you’d like a stranger masturbating to you. 

Even if the answer is yes, other people most likely won’t share the same sentiment. Pleasuring yourself under a towel because the danger of getting caught gives you the kick might not be well-received in the light of the law, but at least it won’t make you feel like a creep afterward. Remember that nude beach is not much different from a regular beach and has nothing to do with a ‘sex beach’ people imagine it to be. Whatever you do, be respectful of other people.

What Are The Possible Consequences?

If you’re caught, the act can be classified as indecent exposure. Luckily, in most cases, if a cop busts you, you’ll be asked to leave, and since your gender plays to your advantage, you’re likely to be released without a ticket. Just remember that nude beach masturbation is generally frowned upon even if you’re a woman – nudity doesn’t have to have anything to do with sex – so if you don’t want to be on the black list, you’d better make sure you’re as discreet as possible. 

Is It Worth It? 

You won’t know until you try, but from what you can gather from forums on kink websites, the success rate is high. As long as you take all the necessary precautions, you should be fine. Who knows, you might even discover you’re an exhibitionist in the process, which is easy to explore in places such as sex clubs. 

If you’re worried about giving it a go, there are some alternatives to public beach masturbation you might find equally exciting. For example, you can put yoni eggs inside your vagina or use a small butt plug in public – no one will pay attention, but you’ll get your share of pleasure. And if you still like the idea of going all the way in public, just keep the tips above in mind. 


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