So you Want to Be a Sex Toy Tester? 10 Tips to Get You Started.

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A merger of pleasure and a lucrative income stream, who wouldn’t want to be a sex toy tester? 


Whether aiming to create an exciting and erotic side hustle or a full-time income, there are quite a few ways to find success in becoming an adult toy tester. 


Here are 10 tips to get you started:


  1. Decide How you Plan to Make Money


We speak on this more in our article “Can You Really Be a Sex Toy Tester?”, but it’s worth another brief mention. When planning to be a sex toy tester, there are two typical routes:


  1. Working for a Sex Toy Company
  2. Creating your Own Affiliate Business


For the sake of this article, let’s assume you opt for option #2, as this grants you unlimited creative freedom. Anyone can sign up as a sex toy affiliate at a moment’s notice, and chances are, there aren’t many legitimate job openings for sex toy testers regardless. 


With this, understand that you will monetize your personal brand/business by selling other people’s/companies products, thus receiving a commission for each sale. This generally means creating content that includes your specialized affiliate link, which will track your audience’s clicks and sales to your chosen sex toy partner. 


2. Create a Content Creation Strategy


Once you are signed up for a sex toy affiliate program, you’ll now have all the marketing tools and links you need to start reviewing and selling products. 


Everything in terms of success lies in your content creation strategy. The three primary forms of content production to be a sex toy tester include:


  1. Written Content
  2. Social Media Content
  3. Videography 


Within these three content production categories, there is also room for paid advertising strategies (aka, promoting an Instagram post or a blog post on Google Adwords).


Sure, you can absolutely utilize all three forms of content to create a successful funnel, or you can focus explicitly on the mastery and execution of only one form of production. When first starting out, keep it simple with a concentrated focus on one particular form of the content before branching into others. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. 

clit sucking vibrator

Written Content


Written content will generate organic website traffic to your site, each website visitor a potential sale to your affiliate program. 


Successful copywriting isn’t easy, but if you can dedicate a little time to learning search engine optimization and keyword research, then you can begin writing and publishing blog posts/landing pages to rank organically on search engines. 


Locate promising keywords within the sex toy niche (a quick example: “How to use a Rose Sex Toy?”), and write informative blog posts that help answer this question. 


For this example, you would, of course, include a link to a rose sex toy. And if you’re thinking, “that’s not testing a sex toy?”, then yes, you are correct. 


But to amplify organic website traffic, you should think of including written sex toy review blog posts and these helpful and educational styles of articles.


Structure written content around things like:


  • Reviewing a Sex Toy
  • Answering “How-Tos”
  • Providing Personal Advice
  • A story of an Experience
  • Answering “What is/are?”
  • Relationship Advice
  • Etc…
rose tongue vibrator



People love watching videos. They don’t have to read, videos are personal, and they allow you to express loads of information in a concise amount of time. To be a sex toy tester, all it takes is enjoying the toy during your ‘free-time’ and then creating a video where you go over the toy’s qualities, efficacy, pros/cons, and so on. 


These videos can be posted to major platforms like YouTube, where you will include the affiliate link in the description, and you can also monetize your channel in general with subscribers. If you are working in the sex industry, such as running your OnlyFans page, then you can choose to make erotic content where your viewers literally watch you test the product. I mean, if you’re comfortable, then there’s nothing more effective than seeing a toy’s prowess in inducing climax in real-time. 


You can further enhance the success of your video by recycling long-form content (a 5 minute YouTube video) into short Instagram reels/Tik Tok videos. 


Social Media


You can think of social media as the fuel to your businesses’ fire. Social media alone won’t be enough to sell affiliate sex toys, but it is the single most essential piece to tying together the sales funnel of your prior content production. Use social media to build your audience/following (lifestyle images, fun videos of your day-to-day), build trust, create a personal connection, and then use this audience to funnel traffic to your blog post or videos. 


Here you can run paid ads, create helpful infographics, provide information, and everything between. For the highest level of success, utilize all forms of social media, including:



3. Start with Familiarity


When becoming a sex toy tester, you should always start with the toys and styles of stimulation you are most comfortable with/used to. You really can’t provide honest advice on anal sex toys if it’s your first time trying one and experimenting with this sensation, right? Experience with certain sex toys gives you credibility in your ability to honestly and accurately review a product. 


If you’ve enjoyed a clitoral vibrator for the past year, then you have plenty of understanding and experience in this realm of stimulation, so you a review of other similar clitoral sex toys becomes a much more valid source of information and opinion. 


As you work on crafting content surrounding the toys you are currently comfortable with, this is your time to begin experimenting with others so that you may broaden your comfortability and experience in all styles of sex toys. 


be a sex toy tester

4. “First Times” 


If you haven’t had much experience with a particular style of a sex toy, you can still create content and reviews surrounding this product as a sex toy tester. This content will explain and express your personal experience with said toy and won’t necessarily act as a ‘review’ that compares this product to another. 


Make it clear that this content is a ‘first time’, and your audience will live vicariously through you to learn and experience from your own adventure. Things like:


  • What did you enjoy or dislike about this product?
  • Was it easy to use as a first-timer?
  • What did you learn from this product?
  • How can this product lead to more fulfillment and better sex?
  • Would you use this product again? 
  • What things do you like about this product? (color, shape, design, etc.)


And so on…


Your vulnerability in sharing a first-time experience with a sex toy will have your audience rushing to the product page in hopes of undergoing the same level of sexual enlightenment that you have so honestly shared. 


5. Testing Low-Quality Sex Toys


Your goal is to sell sex toys through your reviews and content, right? 


So what happens if you actually didn’t enjoy a sex toy? Your audience isn’t going to buy a toy that you didn’t enjoy, so what’s the point? 


Being honest about a sex toy you did not like or enjoy is as vital as sharing the experience of those you did. If your whole page is one big “Buy this, I loved it!!” on every single product, then that’s not real! 


To create validity and build trust as a sex toy tester, you must showcase products that you didn’t enjoy just like the ones you did, even if it means not making any money on a low-quality product. Good news, you don’t need inventory anyways, so NBD!


6. Find a Company With a Sex-Positive Mission


When searching for potential sex toy affiliate programs, try to locate a company whos in this for the greater good of human sexuality. 


For example, becoming a sex toy affiliate for V for Vibes means joining a movement of breaking the female orgasm gap and promoting women’s empowerment through sexuality. On the other end, you could sign up for the company run by a male CEO in his gray suit who’s in this for nothing less than the dollar signs. What would you choose? 


It’s critical to be proud and supportive of the company you are working with, as these ideals will pass directly into your own content. 

7. Consistency is Literally Everything


In terms of content production, you have to remain consistent. Sure, it’s okay to ebb and flow a bit, but overall, you want to create a content production calendar and stick to it as best you can. This promotes legitimacy in your personal brand and, well… To be successful at anything takes time and dedication above all!


8. High-Quality Content


Less high-quality content is always more effective than more low-quality content. I know consistency is hugely important, but if you’ve had an off week, throwing out any blog post or video you can to simply fill these gaps isn’t suggested. Pursue high-quality content over low quality at all costs. 


9. Create a Brand


We have spoken of creating a brand a few times throughout this post, so let’s hit on that real quick! Being a sex toy tester will require a legitimate business.


This means creating definitive branding (social media style, colors, fonts), and also having all the standard business protocols taken care of, like having a logo professionally designed, creating your marketing plan, etc. 


Treat it like a business for business-like income!


10. Just Freaking Enjoy It!!


You might not sell a single product as a sex toy tester, and that’s okay. If you enjoy this experience to the greatest extent, use it as a personal means to learn more about your body and your sexuality, and as a means to reflect and secure personal growth while having fun in doing so, then literally no one loses, and you’ve only all to gain!


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