Bathtub Bliss. Your Guide to Bathtub Masturbation.

May 11, 2022

The one thing about masturbation that will always hold true is the fact that your sexual pleasure is in your control. 

You know yourself the best, both the physical and mental trigger points that instill all those lovely orgasm-inducing vibes, and with this, you can utilize your personal intimacy to both explore and enjoy solo sexual pleasures. 

Because just as sexual discovery is helpful and beneficial in relationships, it is equally so for yourself. So why not take masturbation to heightened levels, both because you can, and because it simply feels incredible; by incorporating some of the same spices of variety into your self delivered orgasms as you would into any relationship. 

The stimulation of sex toys, the enticement of doing it in different places, the fun of wearing different outfits or role-playing

The bathtub provides both men and women a perfect opportunity to begin uncovering these invigorating facets of masturbation, so if you want to know how to masturbate in the bathtub, we are here to help manifest to you pure bathtub bliss in our guide to bathtub masturbation.


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How do you Masturbate in the Bath?

Start with Aesthetics.

Our mood is directly affected by our environment. When we see things that we like or when we are in a place that makes us feel warm and comfortable, this provides to the mind a grounding relaxation that allows you to access the more ‘bubbly’ places of our brains.

So when it comes to sexual pleasure, I think we can all agree that the less ideal and comfortable the environment, the harder it is to fully let go and allow yourself to succumb to the turn-ons and feel good associated with sex

When masturbating by yourself, you won’t have someone there to help instill these turn-ons as well, so then the responsibility becomes your own. Don’t let the cliches of setting up a bathroom as if you were setting up a date stop you from actually doing so. 

Creating a dull light with the flames of candles emitting lovely aromas, rose petals in the water, a simple clean and nice bathroom. 

The right aesthetics will inevitably help to turn you on in a masturbation setting, and treating yourself to the pleasures of sight will also enhance your personal intimacy which will directly make for more soul shivering orgasms. Do not let aesthetics go forgotten with bathtub masturbation!

Invigorate your other Senses Into Bathtub Masturbation.

After you nail the aesthetics, the sense of sight is covered. But other human senses have a direct effect on sexual pleasure, and it is also important to ensure you cater to those as well with bathtub masturbation. 

Sensitivity and sex have been proven to be directly correlated. Therefore enhancing your olfactory experience will also enhance your masturbation experience. 

Add bubbles and/or essential oils to the water with relaxing aromas. Use an herbal bath soak or a bath bomb. As well as smell, the bubbles and oils will also cater to your sense of touch, as nothing feels better than the light popping of tiny bubbles on the skin of your chest or the skin-softening benefits of certain essential oils.

Again, sometimes it’s fun to fall for the cliches, and to top off any bathtub masturbation experience, you can’t forget about taste. Enjoy a glass of wine or champagne with chocolate, allow yourself to divulge in your favorite snack. It’s all about catering to your self pleasures, as that is what masturbation is all about, so why not cater to all of these said pleasures? Go for it!


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Toyless Masturbation.

Although it is probably in your best interest to have a little fun with the right toys in the bathtub, it is also rather invigorating to first start with the tools around you. 

You want to promote personal intimacy, and whether a male or a female, starting with the touch of your own fingers is always a wonderful way to go about this experience. Allow yourself to tickle your own skin and enjoy your personal ability to touch your genitals exactly how you like them touched and nothing less, because again, you are in control!

You can do anything you want here, as you are completely in the comfort of only yourself, so if you want to explore with any form of anal play or touching other areas of your body, then absolutely succumb to these desires. 

And then oh, of course, no bathtub masturbation can ever go without the use of a showerhead or a faucet. Like a spa day for the nerves of your clitoris and your anus, a showerhead will lightly massage your pleasure points with the delicate touch of water. 

Play around with the different water pressures and spray types for unique variations of enticing showerhead or faucet play. Similar to a vibrator, yet that much different so that your next bathtub orgasm is derived from newfound stimulation. 

And speaking of water, that brings us right to our next point. 

Temperature Play.

Have you ever experimented with temperature play in a bedroom setting? If not, it is an incredible way to discover new sexual feelings, and the bathtub is the perfect place to begin. 

Although cold play can also be a lot of fun in different environments, you aren’t going to want a cold bath, so let’s stick to the benefits of heat here instead.

Heat directly relaxes your entire body. Your muscles relax, your breathing becomes steady, your blood can flow freely. And this relaxation will directly stimulate the sexual side of you. Because turning yourself on starts with feeling good, and there’s not much that feels better than a warm bath. 

But even more than that, heat will relax your sex organs, and again enhance the blood flow to these special places. This relaxation will immediately help to increase your stimulation response, and these intimate zones will receive much higher levels of arousal. 

Just make sure the bath is nice and steamy, and if you use a faucet or a showerhead as bathtub masturbation devices, then also try using a nice warm water temperature when doing so to further increase the sensuality of the situation. 

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Bathtub Masturbation Toys.

Using sex toys in a bath is, and will always be, a wonderful idea. And it really comes down to, why not?!

Although using fingers is important and great, there’s a whole lot to be said for the feel-good that comes from penetration of the right sex toy. Toys designed to trigger your every nerve until your legs are left shaking under the bubbles.

When it comes to bathtub masturbation toys, you obviously do not want any motors involved. This is simply dangerous and a bad idea, so bye-bye vibrator!

Instead, you want to keep things relatively simple. Silicone dildos of your liking, butt plugs, or other anal toys. Really anything you like that is waterproof and that contains no motor!

A glass dildo will always come highly recommended for bathtub sex, as you can run the dildo under hot or cold water to add an even more heightened element to your temperature play!

No matter what, it’s always a good idea to have some form of penetration related sex toy standing by so that you can enjoy the lubrication of oils, bubbles, or lube, as well as the pure sensuality of pleasing yourself, in a place where getting dirty and clean ironically come together. 



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