A Look into the Armpit Fetish.

Dec 17, 2021

As long as humans have existed, we have explored sex differently. Whether with inanimate objects like women’s shoes, lingerie, or simply by seeing a unique body part in a sexual way, there are many ways to have sex and make it fun. Talking about armpit fetish, have you ever seen your armpit as a strong erogenous zone? Do you believe that the armpit could be an object of sexual desire? Don’t be amazed! 

Many men and women can’t resist the sight of an armpit. Despite the social stigma surrounding all kinds of kinks, there is nothing strange about them at all. So let’s get into it. Let’s talk about the armpit fetish.

What is an armpit fetish?

Getting sexually aroused by armpits is called Maschalagnia. This happens when you feel sexual urges at the sight of an armpit or from the sensations your skin contact with an armpit can cause. A fetish means an obsession. If you prefer armpit sex to regular sex, that’s a fetish. 

This means you enjoy kissing, licking, and tasting your partner’s armpit during sensual foreplay. Sometimes you ask them not to shower or bath so that the smell is as strong as possible because the armpit smell acts as a stimulant that naturally encourages arousal. You see the act of licking your partner’s armpit as a means of striving for intimacy and pleasure. Armpit fetish leads to axillism, also known as armpit intercourse or “bagpiping.”

Why do people have it?

People who have a fetish for armpits or have an armpit obsession do so for various and individual reasons. Some people see it as a safer way to get off. Another reason could be the inability to have regular penis and vagina sex.

Plus, people also get aroused by the smell. Have you ever inhaled the scent of your partner, and you got turned on immediately? This is called sexual pheromones. Armpits and other hairy parts of the body secrete pheromones that can arouse you subconsciously even when you are unaware of them. What may be a pungent smell to some people can be an erotic aphrodisiac to others. People with a fetish for armpits love unwashed, unshaved, and hairy armpits that are deodorant-free, enhancing the armpit’s intoxicating properties. 

More reasons for armpit fetish could be that the armpit, when closed, creates a kind of cleavage, which in turn looks like a vagina slit or anal crack. Adding some water or silicone lubricants into the mix, the physical sensations you get from penetration to your armpit can feel like the real thing. 

armpit fetish

Different forms of armpit fetish

It can be in two distinct forms. Those who are into this fetish are either attracted to the armpits for their physical and unique characteristics or the distinctive odor of the armpits. Being attracted to the armpit for physical reasons means you find a resemblance or draw a connection between a hairy or shaved armpit and a woman’s vulva. Activities associated with armpit fetish include licking and sniffing the armpits, whether clean, sweaty, or hairy. It also contains underarm sex, where your armpit performs the role of a vagina.

How to explore it

Having armpit sex is not a new craze. It is popular. Is it something you’d like to explore? Go for it! Who says you have to stick to the regular before having fun. You don’t have to limit yourself to the rules of what is supposed to be fun. Create your fun and do what makes you feel good.

Armpit sex can be fun for your male partner. Being a soft, warm, moist, and enclosed space, the armpit is not a bad place for a bit of teasing. Do you know you can reach orgasm with your armpit? Allow your partner to lick and smell your armpits. It is not only incredibly arousing, but the armpit fetish is also orgasmic. 

Let your partner dig their face into your underarms. It’s a huge turn-on and so intimate. This is the best right after leaving the gym or if it’s been a while you showered. 

Do you still need more ways to explore your hairy armpit fetish, then you shouldn’t miss this.

  • Find others who share your fetish: Join online groups that support it and get to meet like-minded people. A hairy armpit fetish is exciting, but it shouldn’t expose you to danger. Stick with communities that encourage safe sexual practices.

How to tell your partner you have an Armpit Fetish.

Knowing how to discuss your fetish with your partner can be tricky. When is the right time to bring it up? How much detail should I give? I mean, the whole thing just goes around your head. If you are on the fence about discussing your armpit fetish with your partner, you can trust us to put you through. One of the things that makes you feel sexually fulfilled is being open and honest with your partner about your sexual desires while engaging in consistent sex talks. And here’s how to do it right!

  • Be Positive: I hope you know that kinks and fetishes are supposed to be fun and feel adventurous – and it should be spoken about the same way too. When you want to bring it up, focus on what gets you aroused and what you find sexy about armpits.
  • Use the Media: This way, your partner will have a more explicit reference point. If you want some armpit sex, you could say, “There was this scene in a movie that I thought was hot; can we try something like that.” This makes talking about it less scary. 
  • Show them resources: Another easy way to make them understand, you could show them a book that talks about armpit fetish. Or you could watch videos online that show your partner exactly what you want. 
  • Take it Slow: Know that, no matter how long you’ve always wanted it, it is still new territory to your partner. Don’t expect your lover to be some unique kinky robot, fulfilling your exact fetish and fantasies the same way you’ve always wanted them to be. Also, don’t; forget they are humans and not actors in your pre-existing and imagined erotic fantasy

What can you do if your partner has an armpit fetish?

Just because your partner is into armpit obsession does not mean you have to be. We all want different things during sex, and that’s fine. You can talk about it and try to do things you are both into. You should not feel pressured to do something you are not sure about. If you want to give armpit sex and fetish a try, you can start by researching and fantasizing about it to see if it gets you excited. Then you can discuss with your partner what you are okay with and things that don’t make you feel comfortable.

Armpit fetish is fun, and it should not cause problems in your relationship. So if armpit sex is what turns you on or your partner likes it, no need to fret; you are not weird. It does not make you creepy. Be adventurous! Go for what you want and have a fulfilling sexual experience.


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