Aphrodisiacs – we hear about them in mythology, but what exactly is an aphrodisiac?

Mar 25, 2021

Aphrodisiacs are given their name after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. These foods are said to cause a spark in your sexual drive and desire. The real question is, do they really work? Researchers have looked for connections and data to support whether aphrodisiacs really work, but have not been able to find solid connections quite yet. This is obviously a topic of much interest, so more research is done almost daily to try to link this. While science may not have an exact answer as to why these things work, we know that many people have reported that they experience heightened sexual desire and pleasure when they try these and have them on a regular basis with their partners. Sometimes, science doesn’t have to be able to figure it out! It is all about what works for you and your partner, at the end of the day. Even if it is a placebo effect, at least you get to enjoy the benefits!

What fruits and foods constitute as aphrodisiacs?

Certain foods such as cherries, pomegranates, figs, and strawberries have antioxidants that help you “feel good”. Spicy foods like chili peppers that have capsaicin, and this is thought to enhance bodily sensations. Oysters, asparagus, and figs also resemble intimate parts of our bodies, which may be why they are considered aphrodisiacs.


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What are some commonly known aphrodisiacs?

Artichokes, okra, and asparagus are known to be aphrodisiacs from the vegetable family. While vegetables may not seem all that sexy, eating healthy definitely is sexy, and that may be an aphrodisiac enough in itself. Chocolate and strawberries are also known to many to be aphrodisiacs, which may be why chocolate-covered strawberries have become symbols of romance. How many times have you been to a hotel that offers a honeymoon or Valentine’s day package that includes champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries?

Oysters are always a great time at restaurants, but did you know they are also considered aphrodisiacs? Oysters and clams are both in this category. Oysters themselves can be sexy when eaten in particular ways as well. Watermelon is also considered to be aphrodisiacs. One great thing about watermelon is its hydration abilities, which you’ll definitely need after a fun romp in the sheets due to the amazing night you have because of trying all of these amazing aphrodisiacs. Truffles are also considered a prime aphrodisiac. So next time you’re at a restaurant that has them, go for those truffle fries! It doesn’t hurt to indulge once in a while.

Eating capsaicin can actually spike your heart rate and metabolism, which is similar to the physical reactions we experience during sex. This is why chilis and spicy foods are also on the list of potential aphrodisiacs. Indian and Pakistani foods are well known to be spicy, as are some Chinese, Thai, and other cuisines. If you enjoy eating these, take advantage!

In addition to this list of foods, which is not a fully comprehensive list, some scents such as patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood are thought to be scent aphrodisiacs, turning on both the wearer and the lucky person smelling it. Perfumes with these scents may be extremely attractive to your partner. Not everything that is an aphrodisiac is food, though these are the kinds we most commonly think about. Baking something with vanilla in it and burning a sandalwood or patchouli incense in the house may peak your sexual interest even higher! Anyway, who doesn’t like to smell good and have a yummy smelling house? Some popular scents that feature vanilla are YSL’s Black Opium, or Byredo’s Gypsy Water. Sandalwood is featured in Chanel’s Coco, and Killian’s L’Oeuvre Noire Back to Black Aphrodisiac. This is a small sampling of fragrances available that may work for you, but the best way to find your signature aphrodisiac scent is to experiment with what smells best on you. Scents change based on each person’s unique and different body chemistry, so trying out different options is the best way to find yours.


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What are the benefits of these foods?

You may experience an increase in libido, but this may be more of a placebo effect than anything scientific. However, if going out for a romantic dinner with some wine, strawberries, and oysters makes you feel increasingly turned on and sexually driven, is there really any harm? In fact, a nice dinner may increase libido because it’s a good date night idea with your partner! Date nights have been shown to increase satisfaction in relationships, and with increased satisfaction, comes increased sex drive, sexual pleasure, and sexual satisfaction.

Why should you seek an aphrodisiac?

Women and men have sought after aphrodisiacs for many years to help increase their sexual arousal and desire. Almost everyone wants to have a better sex life, and trying these foods out is a great way to test out the theory of aphrodisiacs and whether they work for you and your partner. While you definitely don’t have to, it won’t harm you to give a few of these items a try. An excuse to try new foods, get a new perfume (or cologne) and go on a nice date night together is exactly what most of us need right now.

How can you integrate aphrodisiacs into your everyday life?

If you are trying to spice your daily life up with your partner and in the bedroom, try combining some use of these foods and scents into your daily life. From wearing a vanilla-based perfume to keeping fresh fruits in the house such as watermelon and strawberries, it is much simpler than you may expect. Plan a date night at an ethnic restaurant such as an Indian or Pakistani restaurant to try some new spicy cuisine! Add asparagus and artichokes into your diet, and try an oyster date. There are so many easy ways to try adding these into your life. The other amazing benefit to these aphrodisiac foods is that the vast majority are healthy, so having a healthier diet may have you feeling and looking better overall, which may also spur you to be more interested and driven sexually. So go forth, explore some new foods, and see what happens. At the end of the day, at least your belly will be full.



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