What you Need to Know about the Anus.

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We know anal sex involves sexual intercourse or sexual activity. But did you know the anus is not just the hole down there? The anus is actually the last portion of your digestive tract. It’s at the very end of the rectum, and it’s the portion that waste (stool) comes out of. There are multiple parts to the anus, just like there are multiple parts to the vagina

Parts of the anus.

The anus is composed of a ring called your sphincter. This is a muscular ring that opens and closes when you are allowing feces to pass through during a bowel movement, or when you are having anal sex or anal play. The anal organ also has flat cells that line it. The portion of the anus that meets the skin is called the anal margin. 

Where does the word anus originate from?

Anus is Latin, and means ring or circle. This name is very fitting for it, since that is the shape of the exterior of what we see. 

What does the anus do? 

In humans, the anal organ allows us to pass feces or waste. In animals, it typically performs the same duties. However, in some animals such as birds, it also acts as the place that they create other birds, and lay eggs. Other animals, such as marsupials, both urinate and pass feces through the same area. Humans have an anal organ and a urethra, which allow for separate waste passage in their bodies.

What else does the anus do?

The anus can be used for sexual pleasure, through penetration with a penis, sex toys, or even butt plugs! In men, the anus allows for easy access to the prostate, which can be very pleasurable. It’s important to remember that unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. This means that for play time, you absolutely must use a lubricant, or you risk getting severely injured.


anus, what is the anus, parts of the anus anal cancer anal sex porn anuses	 what does the anus do, rectrum  Anus. What is it? Parts of it. Anal Cancer. Anal Sex Porn | V For Vibes  Anus is Latin, and means ring or circle. This name is very fitting for it, since that is the shape of the exterior of what we see.

Anal Cancer.

Anal cancer and prostate cancer are different things. Anal cancer is a little more uncommon. This is when cancer occurs in the anal canal. The anal canal is the tube towards the end of your rectum. Most anal cancer cases are linked to HPV, or the Human Papilloma Virus. These cases of anal cancer typically occur in people who are older than 50, or have had many anal sexual partners. It’s important to use protection when engaging in sexual activities involving the anus.

Anal Sex Porn.

Anal sex has become a lot less tabboo throughout the years, with huge followings in the porn industry. Pornhub is just one of many sites that has entire sections of their website devoted to anal porn. Gay men often use the anal organ for sexual activity, as they do not have a vagina. If you are interested in trying out anal play, remember that you most likely will not be able to engage in activities the way these paid and trained porn stars or actresses do! There’s nothing wrong with that – every body performs and handles things differently.


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