Anorgasmia. What to do if you experience difficulty orgasming.

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Sexual health and well-being are a profound part of people’s life. So many women experience difficulty orgasming. Anorgasmia one of the most frustrating and normal issues that women and men have! If you’ve never had an orgasm, you may not know what you’re missing out on, but when you get close (oh so close!) it can be very frustrating not to finish. For many people with vulva who cum during sex, clit stimulation is a must. Orgasms are not as common from penetration as many men may think. To climax, you need to feel relaxed and aroused simultaneously. It can be hard to stay relaxed in the very moment, because you feel pressure and unbelievable amount of thoughts of guilt. This can interfere with the experience, and even cause performance anxiety.


What is anorgasmia?


Anorgasmia is a medical term for an orgasmic disorder determined by a persistent or recurrent delay or an absence of climaxes after a standard sexual excitement phase.

By definition, the most significant symptoms of anorgasmia are the incompetence to have a climax or prolonged delays in reaching orgasms.


Types of orgasmic disorders:


  • Long-lasting frigidity. You’ve never experienced an orgasm.
  • Obtained frigidity.You used to have climaxes, but now have difficulty reaching them.
  • Situational frigidity.You can reach an orgasm during some certain sexual experiences but not all the time.
  • Generalized frigidity.Masturbation is the primary time when you can reach an orgasm.

Symptoms of difficulty orgasming.


Climax is a feeling of the most intense and highest point of satisfaction, release of tension, going along with rhythmic contractions of your pelvic floor muscles and genitals. The way an orgasm feels varies among women, and in an individual, it can differ from vulva to vulva.


What do you do if you have anorgasmia or any orgasmic disorders? Take some tips from the V For Vibes team!

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Knowing your own body is the number one way to master the elusive orgasm. Practice different ways of touching yourself! Using warm, clean hands, and experimenting with sex toys can really help you experience the best and most pleasurable feelings. Remember to take your time as it will help you to relax and boost your confidence. Creating a pleasant and enjoyable environment is extremely beneficial and important.

Some people with vulva like masturbating with their fingers on their clitoris, because they feel more satisfying feelings all over. Other women love dildos or vibrators. These sex toys come in many shapes and sizes, and all have different functions to make everyone feel incredible. There are wand sex toys that are very powerful and stimulate the clitoris intensely. In addition, there are mini bullet vibrators that contribute to a more gentle and enjoyable touch and are also travel-friendly. Trying different styles to see which kind you like the best is very important- if one doesn’t work, another may be a better fit. Consider investing in a high-quality vibrator that will withstand the test of time. Once you find something you like, your body will tell you. It’s an incredible feeling, to relax and be tense all at the same time! You may even feel it in your ass, thighs, and toes. This is that toe-curling sensation. Just like in yoga, practice your breathing. To elevate your sexual experience, you can try rubbing your clitoris or stroking it. Explore touching other areas like your breasts or ass with your free hand. A lot of women find this to increase pleasure and up the sexual experience. Keep playing until you feel that ultimate release!

Earlier we mentioned performance anxiety, that men and women experience this alike. While working towards reaching an elusive orgasm, many women feel an emotional pressure to finish, which causes you to not to! The more overthinking you have during masturbation or sex the more likely you won’t. Try to get loose in the moment and enjoy the ride.

Medical research shows that 67% of divorces are caused by issues in sex life and orgasmic disorders. In the US study it was found out that 43% of women deal with lack of sexual interest. While the percentage of men who has anorgasmia is around 31%.


Anorgasmia, what is anorgasmia, orgasmic disorders difficulty orgasming Anorgasmia. What To Do if you Experience Difficulty Orgasming |VforVibes anorgasmia in women, anorgasmia treatment, anorgasmia causes

Causes of Anorgasmia.

Orgasmic disorders can be caused by a variety of factors, such as job, salary, confidence levels, religion, medications and drugs, feelings about relationship, beliefs, surgeries and taboos, mental and physical health, relationship issues.

Treatment of Anorgasmia.

According to medical professionals, the best way of treatment is working with a licensed sex educator to find out deep roots of your individual case. Sex education and awareness tend to be the most effective ways to treat this medical condition.


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