Animal Play- Everything you need to know!

Sep 13, 2021

Let’s face it; humans are sexual creatures. That doesn’t mean we can’t act like animals! Kinks, fetishes, desires, roleplay…whatever your craving, everyone has something kinky they like to experiment with. Animal play is no different. Whether you’re looking for something different in the bedroom or you have always wondered about manifesting a sexy idea, Animal roleplay is an area of sexuality with a huge following. Maybe you’re thinking about partaking in some kinky animal style roleplay? Either way, we’re here to cover everything you need to know in order to get started. 

What is Animal Role Play?

So, what exactly is animal play? Before we start, it’s important to note that sex with animals is not what we’re talking about as this is very much illegal. Animal roleplay is where one or more participants take on a real or imaginary animal in character- they ‘become’ the animal. This sexual or non-sexual roleplay mimics animal behaviors or characteristics of animals such as dogs, kittens, puppies, or horses. The dynamic of this roleplay can include many aspects of kink or fetish such as dominance, submissive acting, or trainer and caretaker roleplay. No real animals are harmed or used in this fetish; it’s all about the imaginary scenarios that enforce animalistic mannerisms and actions that make this kink naughty and wild, often inspired by the dominant and submissive aspects of BDSM.  

We’re all familiar with the term “doggy style”, right? Well, animal play extends beyond the physical positioning of sex from behind. In this case, animal play is widely used in the BDSM community, with many dog collars, leads, masks, and accessories available for you to recreate your wildest fantasies that are sold in many fetish stores. It’s important to look at animal play as a branch of kink, an area that is used to express feelings of dominance, innocence, submissiveness, and vulnerability. Those that take on the actions of a dog, for example, may find the idea of peeing outside or being walked on a lead by their master a turn-on. Actions that involve humiliation or degrading are a turn-on for some, and by voluntarily acting out dog and master roleplay, these fantasies can be outplayed and experimented with. 

Barking, panting, whining, and seeking attention from a partner are some of the attributes that can be played out during this kinky roleplay. Imagine begging your other half to lead you into the bedroom for some dirty fun? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Imagine whimpering or whining to get exactly what you want? These are the types of scenarios that can be re-enacted during this naughty kink. Whilst animal play may get a bad press sometimes, it’s actually a way of consensually thinking outside the box when it comes to sexy time. Of course, it’s not for everyone, but there is a famous saying that goes, “don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it!”… and we agree! 

animal play


Probably one of the more well-known aspects of animal play in kink is the familiar puppy roleplay. Popular in the kink and LGBTQI+ community, it’s common to find sexy men and women dressed up with leather, dog collars, and even leads and events and festivals such as gay pride. This goes for kink and fetish clubs too. Some even have their own portable water bowl and accessories to really emphasize the whole experience, which is admirable for those that find these theatrics daunting. 

The key is to find the right level of consensual comfort when it comes to exploring your own fetishes and sexual desires, so please do not model your sexuality on what you see. Your own kinks and desires are unique to you and the lucky person who shares the same cravings as you do! 

Being treated like a puppy is a turn-on for some as it involves a level of submissiveness and vulnerability. Begging for food, attention (sexual attention too), is often a way of re-enacting the desire for attention and dominance. This goes for kitten play too. Acting cute, innocent and feline-like, exposes an element of playfulness, vulnerability, and innocence. It’s not all sexual, though, as many of these roleplays take on emotional aspects too, such as nurturing, kindness, and non-verbal company. Many people seeking pleasure in animal play quite often do not engage in full sex. Sometimes it’s the companionship, the roleplay itself, or just finding someone who aligns with their own desires is enough of a turn-on.  

animal play

Human/ animal roleplay

Remember, both participants (or more!) might not all want to take on the characteristics of an animal. Sometimes it’s just one participant, sometimes both! Either way, this can be determined depending on the couple’s desires and situations. Some people like the idea of being a regular human, looking after their playful, naughty puppy by stroking, playing, and grounding it when it’s not conforming. 

There is an element of strength, power, and dominance that makes this kind of kink sexy and fun. This canine fun can be enhanced with the use of leather worn by both the master (or trainer) as well as the “puppy” too.

 This playful, mischievous behavior can be expanded to involve a number of “puppies” all fighting for their master’s attention. Trying to tame or punish the puppy for not conforming to training standards may result in some kinky grounding afterwards…if you know what I mean! 

The most crucial part…

The most important part of any roleplay, fetish, or kink is full-blown consent. Make sure you are experiencing this type of roleplay safely by ensuring that you trust all participants involved. No one should be taking part in something they are not comfortable with, and you should always make sure you take the time for aftercare. Having a safe word and being able to talk through roleplay afterward is important when building trust and relationships with those with who you wish to experience all your naughty kinks. 

Yes master! 

Spicing up your sex life doesn’t just have to involve some handcuffs and some flavored lube! It’s time to think outside the generic standards of vanilla sex and open your eyes to the world of kink, animal play, and debauchery! Remember, not all roleplay needs to be sexy role play. You can experience elements of animal play that suit your level of comfort. Your main aim is to make sure you are executing your sexual desires in a way that you want to and that you enhance your sex life with a partner(s)! 

Animal roleplay can be exciting, liberating, and eye-opening. We all partake in some element of roleplay every day; whether it’s talking with colleagues or acting in a theatre production, we all have an alter-ego or way of expressing ourselves without actually being ourselves. In this case, animal play is a way to express yourself through the eyes of a non-human! Experimenting with gestures, expressions, mannerisms, and physical characteristics, you open up a world of fetish, bondage, BDSM, and kink

There is nothing wrong with taking your sex life to the next level. Remember, as cliché as it sounds, you really do only live once…so why not try something new in the bedroom? If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. At least you can say you have tried out something new and that you’re open to exploring yourself in every way as long as you’re comfortable. Animal play is another brand of human sexuality that shouldn’t be frowned upon. It’s time to get on all fours, bark like you want attention, and lap up all that sexy fun…you deserve it! 

Down, boy! 


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