Butt Stuff! How to Have Fun with Anal Sex.

Aug 27, 2021

Ohhh, anal sex. Some of us love it; some of us hate it. Some of us have never thought to experience it, whereas others wish to soon try it. 

The thing about anal sex is that sure, it can feel a little intense, it can be a little intimidating, and it takes a certain mindset to approach it with sheer success. But those who have experienced this lustful form of erotic sex practice know well just how sensational anal sex feels, providing some of the most unique and invigorating of stimulation ever before known, both for the body and the mind. 

And the honest truth is that anal sex isn’t the only form of alluring butt play, as there are many other practices that you can implement to relish the sensation of anal stimulation without stepping too far out of your comfort zones, such as experimenting with anal toys for beginners. 

So no matter where you stand in your anal sex journey, we are here with a few ways that you can make this practice just about as fun and euphoric as possible. Anal sex is one of the best ways to discover your/your partner’s body, learn a new range of sensuality, and rejuvenate a mundane sex life should that be the case! 

Let’s get right into the journey of butt stuff, and for more resouces on how to prepare for anal sex, visit our other blog. 

The Butt Massage

Instead of jumping right into penetrative anal sex, take things slow and steady. Sex isn’t a race, and the slower you take it, the more fulfilling your climax. Try giving your partner a butt massage as a form of loving foreplay. And no, for this one, we aren’t talking about massaging the insides! 

Just make them feel good by massaging the muscles in their buttocks, creating an intimate environment by making them feel good and relaxed. The butt is a prominent erogenous zone, and many will find stimulation just from touching this area! Give it a rub, tickle the skin, kiss their curves, and admire/compliment your favorite booty as you perform this massage.

A butt massage will help to relax their entire body, increasing blood flow to the nether regions and enhancing stimulation when the sex progresses. And if you do plan to pursue anal sex, this relaxation is a critical element to making sure that things feel the way you want them to: aka, amazing!

anal sex and massage

Oral Anal

Oral anal sex, also called rimming or analingus, is kinky, erotic, and absolutely amazing. The anus is packed with stimulating nerve endings, and oral anal is one of the best ways to send waves of pleasure through your lover’s body. 

Oral anal sex is, however, a little bit intimidating for some, as it is easy to be self-conscious of this area. And for the provider, it’s okay to be a little grossed out! Just maintain the knowledge that this isn’t only a widespread sexual practice, but that, in the end, it is very similar to other forms of oral. 

Try to relax and have fun with the practice. To lower any weird feelings surrounding oral anal, just do it after you have taken a shower! Take things slowly, starting with gentle kisses along the buttocks to tease your partner into needing more. Gently kiss and lick around the opening to introduce the sensations of rimming, and once relaxed and conformable, you can work your way into penetrating the anal cavity with your tongue. 

Watch out, though; you might fall in love with the gripping and tight hold of their warm booty around your wet tongue

Do keep in mind that it is unsafe to practice vaginal oral sex after anal, as this can transfer harmful bacteria from the butt, so choose your area of pleasure and stick to it. 

Just a Finger!

More often than not, a finger is plenty to provide sensational forms of stimulation to your partner’s anus. Not too big, not too small, a finger is the Goldilocks of anal sex and is the best means to start experimenting with anal play before progressing into more intense forms of penetration. 

Using your finger for a little touch (literally) of anal sex while a partner is in doggy style or cowgirl is one of the most thrilling of positions to do so. Begin by wetting or lubing your finger, and massage it around the opening before inserting. 

Once comfortable, maintain open communication as you begin to experiment with insertion, taking things ever so slow and carefully. Once they are comfortable, you will both relish this form of penetration in addition to vaginal riding. The pressure of the finger will create a lustfully tight and gripping feel to the vaginal walls and will help to massage their A-spot into newfound forms of electrifying signals. 

Many women have discovered that a bit of anal is their key to reaching climax, and perhaps you are one of them too! To realize this, try having fun with butt stuff by using only your finger!

anal sex and fingering

Butt Plug Sex

For an even more intense version of using your finger as a subtle form of anal sex, why not try out butt plug sex? Having vaginal intercourse with a butt plug is purely sensational. 

The combined pleasures will send you straight into a dreamlike reality of sexual pleasure, and many partners very much enjoy the idea of their lover being double penetrated. Tight, filling, and incredibly erotic, a butt plug will enhance the sensations of both partners involved.

Butt plugs are excellent, and with the perfect butt plug set, you can work your way up in size as you gain comfortability. Experimenting with different butt plug sizes is one of the most enjoyable practices to exist, as it forces you to relax and be open with your partner, and on top of the physical sensations, butt plug sex is also visually pleasing. 

After all, who doesn’t love the look of a shiny jewel extending from their lover’s booty as they pound them from behind? 

anal training kit

Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex isn’t just about penile-anus penetration, as there are a plethora of extra-stimulating toys capable of providing pleasures that another human otherwise cannot. 

Try experimenting with this wide range of anal sex toys for a new take on feelings never before known. Not only will this liven up your sex life, as anal is often considered the epitome of sexual fun, but the sensations alone are entirely worth pursuing. 

You might consider playing with anal sex toys of different shapes, such as anal beads or glass dildos, to create unique sensitivities to these awaiting nerve endings. The varying capabilities of each toy will present a distinct feeling of fulfillment. Or, you might enjoy an anal vibrator that is sure to send shivers down your spine as you work to achieve the elusive anal orgasm. 

Some anal toys are meant for double, or even triple, stimulation. These toys not only cater to every inch of vaginal desire, both clitoral and G-spot stimulation alike, but they also add anal into the equation. When you treat yourself to every possible form of eroticism, these combined pleasures will have you quivering for more, so why wouldn’t you capitalize on this opportunity?

Anal sex toys alone feel better than anal sex most of the time, due to their anatomy-based science of design, and besides, a penis can’t vibrate quite like an anal vibrator! They are also the best way to gain comfort in this practice and prepare yourself for the real deal, and remember: anal sex toys don’t care about gender! You can also have fun experimenting with anal sex with a partner of differing gender, as hey, if you can do it, so can they. 

anal sex toys

Anal Sex Creampie

This one is a little more intense, and you probably want to save it for when you are experienced with anal sex, but we might as well expand on this anal sex induced climax!

A creampie is the act of a male partner fully ejaculating inside of their lover so that the semen drips out of the opening, but as you can tell, this comes with a huge risk of pregnancy. To lower this risk and simply change up the idea behind a vaginal creampie, you can try an anal creampie instead. It’s hot, dirty, erotic, and one of the kinkiest forms of climax ever known. 

The feeling of climax within the anus is quite interesting, however, so be ready to undergo a wide range of sensations as this occurs. Regardless, many women and men find it to feel incredible, and the visual aspect of it (as well as the general mental satisfaction of doing something so kinky) is sure to set you off. 

But please, be aware of the risks!!

Suppose you are in a monogamous relationship with your partner and have been thoroughly tested for STDs, and you feel entirely safe following through with unprotected anal sex (seriously, you HAVE to be cautious with this, and we don’t necessarily suggest it). In that case, an anal creampie is viable, and again, the best way to lower the change of a creampie-induced pregnancy. 

With that being said, anal sex has a much higher chance of spreading STDs and STIs, and should never be done unprotected unless a doctor has fully verified you that you are in the clear, and so is your partner. Until then, stick to a condom, as the male partner can still finish inside you this way. 

Never have vaginal sex after anal sex, and always clean up well after this practice, but do enjoy every moment of the sexual discovery soon to arise with passionate anal sex. 


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