Anal Sex Toys, an Introduction.

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It’s 2021, and anal sex is a hot topic in our forward-thinking world of sexual liberation. Anal sex toys have been thrust into the sex toy market and infiltrated the minds of those curious to start discovering their bodies. Often considered a taboo subject, men, women, non-binary individuals, and couples in homo or heterosexual relationships have been clicking through the internet on their quest for the perfect anal sex toy. 

Starting out can be a daunting experience. With so many ambiguous shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, choosing a toy that’s perfect for you can be overwhelming. 

Luckily, we have put together a guide to all things anal sex toys to really get your juices and sexual appetite flowing. Remember, anal sex or anal play is not for everyone, and some people decide to back away from it, and that is always okay!

If you’re on a mission to explore your body, sexual preferences, or just curious about anal pleasure, you’ve come to the right place!

Bend over, it’s time for your science class!  

Anal sex offers a sexual experience like no other and produces different types of sensations that will catapult you away from your usual sex activities. One must acquaint themselves with a little science before getting started, as understanding your anatomy will help navigate you towards the road of ultimate pleasure. 

Firstly, the pudendal nerve branches right around the opening of your butt, which also travels along the vulva and penis. This nerve responds to friction and vibration, making anal sex toys the perfect partner to help stimulate these areas. Not only can you receive pleasure from direct stimulation of those nerves, but you can also indirectly experience pleasure in your nether regions from anal play. Anal sex toys have the ability to awaken your naughty, playful side but can also prepare you for some intense anal penetration too. 

For cisgender men and those assigned male at birth, anal sex or masturbation with anal sex toys can stimulate the prostate gland located inside the anus. This can lead to an intense orgasm and can be extremely pleasurable. For cisgender females and people assigned as female at birth, anal sex has the ability to hit two spots; the G spot and the A-spot! Both are located along the vaginal wall, but can be indirectly stimulated through anal pleasure. This makes for an overwhelming and satisfying sensation that will have you gripping those sheets with gratification and wondering why you hadn’t tried anal before! 

All genders, couples, or individuals can benefit from anal exploration. Anal sex is often associated with gay, male sex; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s fair to say that gay men are lucky enough to have nailed anal play (pardon the pun!), but for some gay men and heterosexual individuals, anal stimulation has been something hiding at the back of their minds. Perhaps it’s fear of the unknown or sheer confusion. Whatever the reason, it’s time to get familiar with the types of toys on the market and understand the benefits that anal sex or masturbation can have on your life. 

Anal orgasms can be intense, wonderful and give you the chance to truly connect with yourself or your partner. 

jewel anal sex toys


Anal toys are a great way to introduce something new into your sex life. Breaking away from your usual sexual routine is the perfect way to keep things interesting and playful, whether you’re alone or in a relationship. 

Anal toys can be used as an opportunity to get your feet wet prior to the main event, or simply something to tick off your sexual bucket list. Either way, we recommend anal sex toys before going full throttle as a way of controlling your own sexual satisfaction. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Put simply, it feels good! Anal sex needs good preparation, but the pleasurable benefits are so worth it once you get going. Not only does it feel good, but it can also improve your mood and overall mental wellbeing. Spending time alone by yourself or with a partner (or two or three!), anal sex toys give you the opportunity to indulge in some self-care, self-love, and attention, which is exactly what you deserve.  
  • For those not into vaginal sex during menstruation, anal sex or anal toys can be a great alternative for intimacy and pleasure. 
  • There is no risk of pregnancy with anal sex! This doesn’t mean that you should skip out on safe anal sex. Safe play will keep you protected from STDs, infections, and irritations. 
  • You can have intense orgasms! Anal pleasure will help you achieve mind-blowing orgasms, filling your body with endorphins. 
  • Promotes intimacy– anal sex toys help you figure out what you or you and your partner want. Introducing toys can increase communication and help you understand what kinds of angles, positions or speed you like. They can really crank up your emotional connection and encourage you to be vulnerable and intimate with yourself or your significant other, a great way to also increase libido.
  • Opens your mind- for those stuck in a sexual rut, anal sex toys can be the perfect way to open your mind (and legs) about sex, pleasure, and anal penetration. Having such a good choice of toys gives you the chance to experiment with different sensations and techniques. 
V For Vibes Ge - Anal Sex Toys


Without sounding like a doctor, we must touch on the important role that science plays in anal sex

The nervous system controls the sphincter muscle at the external opening of the anus. In order to relax this muscle, you must be relaxed! Set the mood, put on some candles, have a long hot relaxing bath…really set the mood for yourself; it will help you to relax your body and mind before your journey. 


Unlike the vagina, your butt will not self-lubricate when aroused, so creating a slippery sensation on your own is crucial. We would not recommend anal play without lube- it’s an absolute must. Water-based lube is perfect for all types of toys as well as condoms. 

Where to start? Which toys to pick? 

It’s not a good idea to go from zero to penis (or strap-on) if you’ve never tried anal before. We would recommend a few fingers first, followed by anal sex toys. Types of anal sex toys are: 

–      Butt plugs- There are many sizes, styles, and textured butt plugs. From inflatable, vibrating, ribbed, or glass, butt plugs come in a wide range of styles that can fill any void. For those who love power, size, control of their experience or want to experiment with their tolerance, Vforvibes carries the ‘Juno glass anal plug and dildo’, which is a great choice for those new to anal toys. 

juno butt plug and dildo

–      Anal beads- the perfect toy to build up your tolerance. The string of beads are inserted, and the ring is used to pull them out, one by one. Vforvibes stocks the Eros black anal bead vibrator’, which is a great instrument to get you started.  

–      Prostate dildos– designed to reach that glorious ‘P-spot’, prostate dildos are a great tool for massaging the male prostate gland. Vforvibes also carries the ceres glass anal plug and dildo’ which will help you reach some pretty intense orgasms. 

When progressing to extreme toys, there are more options such as fisting toys, anal balloons, and big anal dildos for experienced users looking for extra stimulation. There are toys with remote controls, handles, or those with a vast number of settings…literally something for everyone. Check out, which showcases some tempting toys, all designed for you to enjoy with absolute pleasure. 

The world of anal sex toys is a colorful one. For those wanting to shake things up and bring some fun and excitement to the bedroom, V For Vibes has you covered. Anal sex toys can be wonderful, surprising, beneficial, and bootiful. What are you waiting for? 

Check out the blog at for more information! 


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