Butt Stuff for Dudes: The Do’s and Don’ts of Straight Male Anal Play.

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Listen guys, I know that anal play has been off-limits for a long time. Despite the wide array of anal sex toys for straight men and gay men alike, they’ve been seen as taboo for the longest time. But it’s the 2020’s now, and even though VforVibes is all about the empowered women out there, we’re ready to start talking about male sexual pleasure

Sure, finding her G spot is nice, and so is giving the perfect cunnilingus, but unless you’re in touch with your own sexual energy, great sex with your lady will just not happen. So here we have some do’s and don’ts for anal play. 

DO- Experiment on yourself by yourself.

Masturbation is the key to sexual success, period. If you have a successful masturbation practice, the sex you’ll have with a partner will always be better. Now let’s be honest then, are you still stroking it off at record speed to the one video you found that works? Are you sneaking in self-love sessions in between errands and work? 

If so, try something different. Dedicate some time just for you and take it slow. Treat yourself like your new lover, and in the comfortable environment you’ve created for yourself; it’s a great time to play with your rear end and with some anal sex toys for straight men. In your own bubble, you can start as slow as you like with the best male anal sex toys that make you feel like the real King you are. 

anal sex toys for straight men Ge  by V for Vibes

DON’T- Rely on her approval.

The women in your life don’t need to approve of your pleasure; in fact, it would be normal for them to like different things; they’re different people! If she isn’t into anal play, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be into anal play. Similarly, the same assplay that may work for your female counterpart may not work for you.  

There are different and unique anal sex toys for straight men, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to enjoy them but your own. So if she’s uncomfortable, let that be her issue. You can still enjoy male anal sex toys in your own private sessions, or you can play with them on yourself with your partner. Believe me, once it’s in there, it doesn’t matter who put it in for it to feel good. 

DO- Start small and lube up.

The world of anal sex toys for straight men is seriously evolving. There are now so many options for your pleasure, and VforVibes takes satisfaction in providing a wide array for you to choose from. 

Many men choose to start with smaller butt plugs but then gradually increase in size or sensation. If you’re just getting started, these lovely butt plugs will help you work up in size to reach the epitome of your actual pleasure centers.  

If you’re ready for more, VforVibes has your back there too, and you can work up to something like this glass beauty. And if you just want to add in a little excitement, there are vibrating options that can tickle your prostate all the way to orgasm.  

anal sex toys for straight men

While the bigger toys may look fun, you deserve to gently warm up your engine before you enjoy something larger. 

And the most important part of your journey, no matter where it takes you? Lube that baby up! 

While lube is nice for vaginal sex, it is absolutely essential for anal play. Quantity is everything here, so don’t be shy with how much you’re using. A high-quality water-based lube can take even a cheap toy and make it a great anal sex toy for straight men. 

Reapplying as needed is also essential to keep that good sex going. 

anal water-based lube

DON’T- think this means something about how masculine you are. 

Listen, we don’t want to even go into the cultural stigma behind pleasure, but we know it’s there. Assplay was once a gay-only activity, and with the way our world is evolving, it just isn’t anymore.  

If Harry Styles can wear a dress, you can enjoy a prostate orgasm, ok? 

Just leave the baggage of the world behind and keep pursuing your anal joy. The manliest men have great sex, and that means they’re brave enough to experiment with their own sex too. There is literally nothing sexier than someone who owns their pleasure with confidence anyway.

The females will truly love your open acceptance of all things sex

DO- Try to find the sweet spot.

If you haven’t had a prostate orgasm before, now is your chance. Prostate stimulators are some of the best-selling anal sex toys for straight men for a reason these days. This sweet spot is located a couple of inches inside your anal cavity and is there waiting for stimulation. 

Probing, vibrating, even just rubbing it with your fingers will help you feel amazing. And the best news? It’s been shown that stimulating the prostate will give you harder and stronger orgasms

You deserve to figure out all the pleasure your body can feel. Coupling this play with a traditional stroke session can help you take yourself to the next level.  

DON’T- DIY for your pleasure.

DIY is for home improvement projects, not for sex. The best anal sex toys for men are designed just for that. So while the cucumber or interesting tool handle may seem to fit the bill, buying an intentional anal sex toy for straight men is always your best bet.  

The best anal sex toys for men would include a flared bottom so it can’t go too far in or be long enough so that you’ll always have a handle to work with. This vibrating number offers both pleasure and security with it’s wide base. Seriously, let’s skip the trip to the hospital because you didn’t use an anal toy with a base! (without a base, anal toys can become stuck in the anal cavity- so stuck it will require medical attention). If you absolutely can’t wait for your toy to be delivered to your door, however, then at least heed our tips on “How to Make Homemade Anal Sex Toys”.(LINK article when published)

Other reasons to prioritize quality anal sex toys? Because you’re worth it. Listen, if you can afford a nice watch or shoes, you can afford something that would actually make you feel good. People who have good sex are happier people; it’s worth investing in quality anal sex toys for straight men. 

anal bead vibrator - male anal sex toys

DO- Be brave and vulnerable to share with a partner.

This may be the scariest part of all, but if you want to truly take your ass play to the next level, it’s important that you’re brave enough to share this part of yourself with your partner. 

Be honest and direct with her about what you’ve been trying in your solo sessions and how it’s been working for you. She can start small by using some of your own toys on you, or you guys can escalate the practice together. 

Pegging is a great way to get your partner involved in the excitement of prostate play. There are tons of options out there, and it can even be a great way of connecting with your lady sexually to find one she thinks looks cute too. Believe me; she’ll want to see how hard it makes you orgasm. 

And there you have it, the Do’s and Don’ts of ass play and anal sex toys for straight men. If you’re still on the fence, check out some of the options and see if any peak your fancy. Remember that the best sex is still fun, so make sure you’re enjoying your journey to the fullest extent possible!


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