Why Every Couple Needs Anal Sex Toys For Straight Men.

Feb 7, 2022

If you have been using sex toys, you probably know that partnered sex + sex toys = Heaven! 


Between dirty talks, plenty of lube, and good eye contact, there are many ways to make already great sex even better. And topping the list is by bringing sex toys into the picture. The best part, introducing anal sex toys for straight men into your sexy playtime makes things even more exciting.


It’s 2022! We are living in a time of sexual exploration. And trust me, there are countless things you can enjoy with anal play. Inside and out, the bum is a hotbed of intense sensations that will have you moaning, screaming, and having orgasms like you have never cum before!


But, first, let’s talk about straight guy butt fun and why every couple needs to (or at least should!) introduce it into their relationship.


How Anal Toys for Straight Men are Beneficial to Couples


Enjoying anal play doesn’t make you gay, and that shouldn’t matter anyway! Many people have been having anal fun for centuries. However, the stigma surrounding men having anal sex has made many straight men apprehensive about enjoying one of the most thrilling sex chills out there.


Without any doubt, one of the most fulfilling aspects of anal sex for a straight man is the chance to explore new and exciting sexual opportunities with his partner. 


Every couple needs to try out anal sex toys for straight men. Set aside the stigma now, and don’t allow it to hold you back from the world of beautiful sensations. 


Anal play is very intimate, even if you have had many other sexual experiences with your partner. Because anal sex requires good communication and vulnerability, adding anal sex toys into the mix is one amazing way to spice things up between the sheets. 


We are all protective of our buttholes, so letting your partner into it is a sign of deep trust and intimacy. It strengthens your sexual intimacy and opens new exploration doors in your relationship. You will find it erotic having your partner explore your bum with their finger or sex toy. After all, you will not allow just anybody or thing into your booty hole.

large anal plug

Why Men Find Great Pleasure in Anal Play


Because it feels good! It’s really that simple. The anus and the rectum contain many nerve endings, just like the penis. The rectum also contains the prostate gland, which is a great pleasure center. Your man can orgasm just by stimulating the prostate gland alone. Anal play feels good on its own and can lead to intense orgasms from head to toe. 

Plus, the taboo that surrounds it makes it even more exciting. Even though anal sex for men shouldn’t be taboo, exploring it can add a naughty touch to your sex life. 


Straight men also love anal play because it is a chance to explore a new part of their body. You don’t know how pleasurable an area of your body can be until you stimulate it. Breaking away from the norm and experimenting with the back road can give you access to new and exciting areas of pleasure.


How to Bring Anal Sex Toys into Your Relationship


Bringing anal sex toys for straight men into your relationship can open up new realms of pleasure for you and your partner. These male sex toys do things your hands, fingers, or tongue can’t. They pulse, vibrate and trigger erotic sensations and intense orgasmic experiences. And the sheer variety it brings can keep your sex life interesting.


Sounds good, right? But due to the taboo surrounding anal sex toys, it can be hard to introduce the idea to your partner. However, I want you to have that conversation. I hope you enjoy a beautiful sex life where you are not afraid to explore and experience pleasure at its peak. With a few tips and tricks, here is how you introduce anal sex toys for straight men into your relationship.


  • Consider the Timing


You don’t just whip out the toy during sex and expect your partner to like it unless you know your partner loves surprises during sex. Instead, set a time outside sex where you can both have a conversation about bringing anal sex toys into your play. There’s no perfect timing. However, you can raise the idea of sex toys when you are both at a stage where you are open and have regular conversations about your sexual wants and desires


  • Don’t Force the Idea


If your partner is not open to the idea of anal sex toys for straight men, don’t force it on him. Instead, try to talk to them later about why the idea makes them feel uncomfortable, and then find ways you can both address the fears or stigmas they may have about anal toys.


  • Have Fun


Be willing to enjoy yourself. Your experiments may not work, and it may take a while to get used to the unisex sex toys. However, it’s all part of the sexual fulfillment journey you are taking with your partner. So have fun exploring!

remote vibrating butt plug

Various Kinds of Anal Sex Toys for Straight Men:


Prostate Massager


Get your man ready for the best ride of his life. The prostate gland is a hidden jewel that can take your partner to new heights of sexual pleasure. Tucked near the rectum, the prostate is a gland that, when stimulated, produces intense sensations and delivers earth-shattering orgasms. You can reach the prostate with a prostate massager, vibrating anal plug, dildo, or your finger.


Butt Plugs


When your straight man opens up to anal play, he is opening himself to dual stimulation. There are many styles and sizes of butt plugs. If you will love to experiment with tolerance and control your man’s experience, slip a butt plug into his rear end and let it stay there for a satisfying feeling of fullness. However, the rectum doesn’t self-lubricate, so make sure you use enough lube. Water-based lubes are perfect for all kinds of anal sex toys for straight men.


Anal Beads


Here is a key player when it comes to butt fun. Anal beads are the unsung hero of anal sex. They are amazing and designed to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in the anus. The best beads have a flared base to ensure the toy doesn’t slip into your rectum, and vibrating anal beads always take the win. 

anal bead vibrator

How Women Can Enjoy this Construct With Their Partner


If you are adventurous in bed, now is the time to get past all the baggage surrounding gender roles and explore something entirely new with your partner. Let go of everything you know about sex and be open to new ways of exploring your man’s body. Asides from the physical pleasure, one of the best parts of using anal sex toys for straight men during sex is that it changes the traditional construct of sexual and gender roles.


Now you can grab the toys and call the shots. Start by controlling the foreplay before bringing out the male sex toys and using them on your man.


The world of anal sex play between couples is a beautiful one. V For Vibes has you covered for partners who want to bring spark and excitement to their bedroom. Our unisex sex toys are wonderful, efficient, and will meet your needs. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!



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