Anal Sex Toys for Beginners- the Ultimate Guide.

Jul 31, 2021

Congratulations on your decision to purchase an anal sex toy! 

Has the “back-door” option been on your mind for a while? Are you curious about the realms of pleasure just waiting to be discovered? Are you toying with the idea of preparing yourself for the real thing? (Pardon the pun!). 

Well, you have come to the right place! At, there is a multitude of toys just waiting to play with, and for those just starting out on their anal journey, we have plenty of choices to get you exploring or re-discovering your body. Anal toys are super important for beginners starting out on their pleasure journey, so we’ve put together some beginner hints and tips to get you going! 

Squeaky clean! 

First things first- get clean! With your butt’s day job being what it is, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why anal exploration needs a little extra prep to make sure you’re ready to get going. 

Whilst being clean is essential for hygiene (and common courtesy for your partner), knowing that you’re clean down below helps you to relax and enjoy the experience more. 

Spending that extra time in the shower or learning to douche for extra precaution will create a more pleasurable experience for you when exploring this unchartered territory. 

Why Anal Sex Toys? 

For those wanting to experience the joy of anal sex with a partner, they need to start somewhere. You need to preheat the oven before you put your frozen pizza in, right?! The same goes for anal exploration. 

The more familiar you become with your own body, the more enjoyable the outcome will be when it gets to the real deal. Anal sex toys for beginners are the perfect way to introduce some self-exploration prior to the main event and gives you the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with new sensations. 

Anal sex toys for those just starting out can have many benefits. As well as a confidence-boosting tool, anal sex toys give you the chance to learn about your sexuality and help you to understand your sexual preferences. Whether you’re trying out anal toys like an anal penetration warm-up, a BDSM accessory, or just for pure sexual curiosity, self-exploration is crucial beforehand. 

Preparation is key with butt stuff for you to get the most of your new pleasure zone. It’s always good to start small; nobody wants to hurt themselves! Having a good understanding of the types of toys on the market can turn up your sex life by several notches!

anal sex toys for beginners

Lube- it’s slippery business! 

Unlike the vagina, the butt does not self-lubricate. Therefore it is super important to get comfortable with this liquid gold. There are no ifs, ands or but(t)s about it, lube, along with your new toy, will become the best of friends- forget peanut butter and jelly! There’s a new duo in town. 

To really boost those backdoor sensations, we recommend using a water-based lube as it’s more compatible with all sex toys, including silicone butt accessories and condoms. Not only does lube act as a gateway for pleasure, but it also comes in different flavors (if you’re up for some oral action with a partner) and sensations, which grant you full control over your sensual experimentation. 

Toys? Where to start? 

It’s always best to start off small. By experimenting with a small butt plug, you can then work your way up to some more adventurous sizes and shapes once you become acquainted with your new indulgence zone. A perfect kit to get you started would be the ‘Opis 3-piece luxury butt plug and anal kit’ by V for Vibes, which is an ideal set designed to guide you into a world of pleasure and discovery. 

first anal sex toy

Once you are confident enough to try something else, the ‘Ceres glass anal plug and dildo’ is a luxury, hand-crafted glass dildo from V for Vibes, which allows you to dictate the speed and depth you desire. The temperature-sensitive toy allows you to reach heights you can only imagine by running it under hot or cold water before use. 

anal sex toys for beginners

When choosing and purchasing anal toys as a beginner, quality and comfort is key. Always make sure that you do your research and work your way up to exciting toys that you think will work for you. Remember, knowing your body intimately will lead you to truly discover your pleasure capacity and build your sexual confidence as you go. 

Explore a range of toys available on the market, and do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Some of the toys that may look scary or weird, could actually be the toy of your sexual dreams. From butt plugs to anal beads, V for Vibes has a multitude of instruments to tickle your fancy! You may find that anal play offers you the sexual feeling you have been waiting for your whole life. 

Mind your business! 

Ordering anal toys or any sex toy for that matter can be daunting, especially if you live in a small town or are fearful of being caught in an adult store. The most discreet way to purchase sex toys is online, and most retailers offer discreet shipping, which will hide the label or company name on the packaging. V for Vibes is no different and can offer subtle and tasteful delivery straight to your home, ready for you to get down with your new, sexy hobby. 

anal sex toys online

You deserve it!

Everyone deserves sexual pleasure and gratification. Whether you’re in a couple and want to spice things up or you’re all about going solo, anal sex toys for beginners (or first-time couples) are a great way to take ownership of your sexuality. By purchasing toys for self-love, you are opening a world of safe, consensual, and comfortable play, which not only benefits your mood, but your overall mental health too. Anal sex toys are a great way to practice anal pleasure for the time when you actually want to do it in person- or not! 

Be unapologetic about who you are and know that you are entitled to pleasure your own body. With this said, always be aware of your limits and listen to your body. If it hurts, if it’s too big, or if it is just not your thing, then it’s not for you. Anal play is not a race, but more of a process of sexual discovery and experimentation. Take your time, relax and give yourself the self-care time you deserve. 

V for Vibes empowers women to take control of their sexual pleasure and overcome the social stigma attached to sexual gratification. Anal play is just a branch of sexual pleasure but deserves its rightful place on the spectrum of women’s sexuality.

Go on, open the (back) door to the world of anal sex toys…you may surprise yourself. 



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