Amazon Sex Position.

Jan 21, 2021

We’ve talked about a lot of bizarre and interesting sex positions in our sexual education blog, but the Amazon position might be the silliest named one so far. The Amazon is a position that can be tricky or difficult to master, but once you do, it can make things super spicy in your sex life.

We’re not sure where the name of the Amazon position really comes from, but we’d take a stab at saying it’s related to the female warriors who dominated in history. With that being said, this is a very woman dominating the man position, so it definitely makes sense to assume this is the origin.

Just like reverse missionary, the woman is on top in this position, which means she’s in a position of power and domination. The male partner or partner with a strap-on lays on their back, while the woman on top takes control and enjoys the ride. 

How to do the Amazon sex position:

The penis owner or strap-on wearer needs to be on their back. From there, they lift their legs up, similar to tabletop position. Then, the female partner is going to squat down on top of them and guide their partners penis or strap in inside of them. The female’s knees should be touching the bed, or she can put her feet on the bed and modify the squat if she is too short. Once you’re stable and penetrated, you can begin riding your partner up and down. Be careful not to strain their legs too much!


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What you’ll like about the Amazon position:

This position is good for partners with long penises, or for longer strap-ons, as you don’t get full penetration since their legs are preventing you from going all the way down. It can be helpful if penetrative sex is usually painful for you, since you control how much can actually go inside of you, and his or her legs offer a barrier that protects you from full penetration. It also allows for more eye contact, making it a potentially very intimate position for both you and your partner. Plus, your clitoris is easily accessible, which means you can use a bullet vibrator or your fingers for extra stimulation.

The person on the bottom also has the ability to lift up and grab you from the butt, which could be great for extra stimulation. However, the idea for the Amazon sex position is that the person on top is fully in control. You can also add a cock ring for your male partner, if he really craves extra stimulation. This position is even great for focusing on stimulating the tip of his penis, for extra waves of pleasure.

What you may not like about the Amazon sex position:

The Amazon position does require some extra strength, and flexibility from both people. Depending on you and your partners size, it may not even be a good position at all to try. If your partner has a smaller penis, or you really need that full girth, this most likely won’t satisfy your needs. It can be tricky to get right, and even be painful for those less flexible. Remember that communication is key, and if this position isn’t working for you, then there are so many other ones you can try! Don’t keep at it if it is uncomfortable.



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