Amazing Sex While Single: Is It Even Possible?

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Simply put, yes. The end.


No but seriously, did you know that you can still have good sex when you’re single? Just because you aren’t coupled up doesn’t mean you can’t live your best sex life. 


And sure, your sex life is going to look a bit different. You won’t have 24/7 access to a sex partner, but there are many pros to not having another person around all the time. Read on to find out how you can have amazing sex as a single person and make all your coupled-up friends jealous AF.


Embrace Being Alone


There are a lot of perks to having a partner around; access to sex around the clock. But do you know what you don’t get? Privacy. As a single person, you have a lot of that, so embrace it! Instead of pining over being alone, celebrate being alone. 


Take the time to get comfortable with your own company and your own body, for that matter. Do you know what’s better than passionate sex with another human being? Try passionately masturbating alone in your apartment with nobody to disturb you. That’s right! Hell, you can masturbate all day if you want; nobody’s going to disturb you!


And if you are looking to find a love interest, whether casual or exclusive, the sexiest thing is a person who knows themself. And the cliché is true. Normally a great situation comes along when you’re not looking for it. So focus on you, your life, your happiness, your own sexual gratification, and suddenly that hot person will just walk into your life.


Masturbation Continued…


Talking about masturbating alone in your apartment, let’s explore this topic, shall we? Masturbation is great; some would say even better than sex because there’s no risk of an unwanted pregnancy or an STI


And better yet, you don’t have to tell someone how to touch your clit – you just do it yourself! As a coupled-up woman, you have no idea how annoying it is when you’re trying to get yourself off, and your partner’s leg gets in the way, or worse, they want to join in! I joke, of course, but there is some element of truth in there. 


Sometimes you just need to flick your bean with nobody there, and it’s hard to stay focused when your partner suddenly starts joining in and sucking your nipples. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, I just want to get myself off without him there. So to all of you single people out there, go and masturbate your clit off right now … because you never know how long you’ll have solo female masturbation time for.


And I’m not talking about vanilla bean-flicking. I’m talking about going online and buying a top-of-the-line vibrator and treating your vulva to some A-grade stimulation. V for Vibes has an incredible array of toys to choose from, from bullets to rabbit-style vibrators to dual stimulation vibrators. Go online today to find your pussy cat’s next best friend.

g spot personal vibrator

Embrace your Sexuality


The key to having great sex is learning how to embrace your sexuality alone to discover what you’re into. When you’re single, it’s your time to explore and experiment. You don’t have to consider the feelings of another person. You can indulge in whatever you want. Always wanted to experiment with the same gender as you? Go for it! Always wondered if you’re bisexual or bicurious? Explore that!


At the same time, you shouldn’t feel like you should always be having sex either when you’re single. Being single can be your time to just sit with your thoughts and ask yourself questions about what and who you’re into. 


And while you’re sitting alone in your apartment or your room in your flatshare, do not automatically race to ‘put a label’ on your sexuality.


  1. A) There is no rush
  2. B) sexuality is a fluid idea, and there doesn’t have to be a label if you don’t want one. 


And why should you? Being labeled as something is so limiting, right? Just let your sexuality flow.


Have Casual Sex If you Want It


It’s 2022. We’ve just gone through two years of a pandemic. We don’t got time for slut-shaming women for “sleeping around.” Repeat after me: I am not a slut for having casual sex. I am a woman with a sex drive. It’s that simple. 


For years, the formula has worked against women; men are seen as real heroes for sleeping with multiple women, while women are seen as sluts for doing the same thing. Well, screw that. We are all animals with a sex drive. And seeing as sex is one of life’s greatest pleasures, it would be pretty boring to constantly ignore that urge on account of a misogynistic society being hypocritical. Again. 


In all seriousness, women having casual sex is becoming more and more normalized. And as long as you listen to your intuition and use protection, have fun! And when you’re single, you can afford to be picky with whom you have sex with. If you’re clever about it, you can even make a few of your sexual fantasies come true too. 


Always wanted to have sex with a pilot? Do it. Always wanted to have a threesome? Fricking do it, girl! Use your single days to explore sexual fantasies and acts that you’ve always wanted to try. Just be sensible and safe when you do it. And if anyone judges you… it’s only because they’re jealous.


Find the Right Casual Sex Partner


There are different levels of standards when it comes to casual sex, starting from zero (not having any) to ten million (having a ten-page checklist printed out from a PDF-printed-Word file and stapled together). 


Put down the list if you’re looking for a casual sex partner. You might have an imaginary version of what you’d like your future husband to look and be like. But when it comes to casual sex, my advice to you would be to be open. As now is your time for experimentation, that goes for both the actual acts of sex and the people with whom you do it with. 


And, of course, every single gal has got to have standards. Don’t – in fact, never – have sex with someone for the sake of it. Your body is a temple, and only deserving partners get to visit it. What’s more, find someone you think is hot and someone you like a down-to-earth person. You want someone who will listen to your wants and desires, even if it’s just for the night. Maybe you’ll even snag yourself a friend with benefits, if that float’s your boat, eh? 

amazing sex

The Climax…


Being single is great for your own personal growth and also for your vulva. 


Enjoy those long masturbation sessions on your own and think of all of the coupled-up people out there who crave it. Get comfortable with who you are as a person and in terms of your sexuality. Experiment with no judgment, be adventurous, and have fun! 


You don’t even have to have casual sex when you’re single. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. Own your life, your sex life, and your soul. And that’s when the magic truly happens, honey.

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