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The age play kink is an extremely simple kink to carry out, and if you are into (or think you are into) this age-oriented form of roleplay, doing so provides newfound levels of sexual fulfillment never before known.

There are weird kinks, extreme kinks, intimidating kinks, and just about everything in between, and the age play kink is a nice middle ground between them all. Sure, it’s a touch weird, and that is exactly why we like it. But it doesn’t initiate any form of pain, humiliation, and other characteristics more in line with serious, BDSM-inspired kinks, making it an excellent kink for anyone to try out. 

With this, it is one of the sexual kinks that you can try tonight, and without any equipment at all, should you so wish. 

Welcome to our kink blog, and have fun exploring with us as we dive into the world of the age play kink. 

What is Age Play in Kink

The age play kink is relatively straightforward. 

In simple terms, it is a kink of which the individuals involved (sometimes one partner, sometimes both) find sexual pleasure, fulfillment, and mental stimulation by pretending to be a different age than they are in real life.

Another manifestation of this kink is when the partners find pleasure in having sex with someone of a much different age than their own. 

Although straightforward, the intensity of this sexual kink will vary greatly depending on the personal preferences of those involved. Whereas some get off by simply calling their partner ‘baby’ or ‘daddy’, the verbal cues alone are enough to satisfy; others like to take this kink and turn it into one of their weird kinks with extreme levels of age play roleplay. 

We will get into this more, but for now, let’s keep the answer to what is age play in kink is simple, as to summarize: 

It is finding pleasure in pretending to be a different age or treating your partner as if they are a different age. 

Age Play Kink

How to Practice the Age Play Kink

If you are new to the age play kink, yet wish to experiment with this alluring and enjoyable form of sexuality, then it’s elementary! 

In fact, there is a good enough chance that you practice this during your intercourse already without even realizing it. If you have ever called your partner your ‘baby’ or your ‘daddy’, then that is a form of age play!

If you find pleasure in calling your partner these names, then you subtly enjoy the aspect of the age play kink that is the concept of having sex with someone of much different age. 

You don’t have to think too far into it. I know, we don’t really want to have sex with a ‘baby’, and that’s not what it is about at all. It is rather just a means to create a power structure between yourself and your partner that is synonymous with a dominant and submissive relationship, and to place yourself in superiority or inferiority by deeming yourself ‘younger’ or ‘older than your partner, regardless of your age in real life. 

On the other end of the spectrum, if you find more pleasure in receiving the age-related name-calling (versus giving), then you lean more towards enjoying the idea of yourself actually being a different age than you currently are. 

This might be because of past maternal or paternal relationships that did not go well (yes, we’re talking about daddy issues), or it might simply be a way to use sex as a means to take you away from the current reality of the world and to build age-related confidence. I mean, who doesn’t want to stay in their twenties forever, especially when making love?! 

And most profound, this is a way to establish yourself as a submissive within your relationship by taking on the role of the younger individual during sex. 

Age Play for Beginners

If you have never, ever tried to experiment with the age play kink, then it’s really quite easy to experiment with this form of weird kinks (remember, weird is good!). 

Bringing us back to the topic of ‘baby’ and ‘daddy’, verbal cues are the absolute best way to get started with the age play kink for beginners. Just start with light, age-related verbal cues such as these, and see how your partner responds. You may also have a conversation with one another before intercourse to determine if this is something you wish to try, as this will make it so that no one is caught off guard. 

Once you’ve established a baseline of age play, you can begin to take things up a notch. Really focus on your verbal cues, and take them from single words like ‘daddy’ now to phrases. 

If you are like to maintain more of dominance in your relationship, then try saying something like:

  • “You have to listen to daddy’s rules, baby.”
  • “You better ride your daddy good, sweet girl.”
  • “Do you like it when daddy pounds you?”

And if you enjoy being on the receiving end, and acting as the lower age, try some phrases like:

  • “I love being your little girl.”
  • “My young pussy is so wet for you.”
  • “Pound me hard, daddy.”

After a few age play-related sessions, you will gain comfortability. You can then decide to take the age play kink even further, or if that is enough for you! 

If you choose to take it further, then it’s time to get creative with your role play.

age play kink

Age Play Kink Roleplay

Roleplay is the best way to further enhance the ideals behind the age play kink. You set the stage for the play of your lovemaking and can be the star of the acting show. 

To begin with age play kink roleplay, think of particular power constructs in everyday life that are established by age. 

A teacher-student relationship is one of the most classic yet well-adored versions of age play roleplay. The older teacher is the one in power, and the other partner involved can enjoy being a young student in high school again, forced to listen to every role of their instructor. 

A step-mom/step-dad relationship is another of the classics, as again, there is an age gap complemented by a power construct. The mom or dad gets to be in charge, and this further caters to the often maternal or paternal desire to practice the age kink in the first place. 

Have fun coming up with different variations of role play with your partner, and the best way to see if this is something you are into is to give it a try! Don’t feel embarrassed, as following through with kink is the best way to ensure genuine sexual fulfillment, and the worst-case scenario is things end in goofy laughter and fun memory!

Extreme Play

Now, as with anything, there are extreme methods of pursuing this kink. Some people like to go all out, such as by dressing up like a baby- diaper, binky, and rattle included! Others like to pretend that they are elderly, having their partner care for them as if in a nursing home. 

This often is long-term roleplay, lasting hours or even days, and is one of the sexual kinks that truly embodies a dominant and submissive relationship. 

If you want to experience extreme age play, then your mind will know it after some sessions of more subtle forms. 

This takes a lot more effort and consent from your partner, as they will play a critical role in this scenario, and with this, it will take some time to build up to these heightened levels of age play. 

Regardless, we are all entitled to enjoying various sexual kinks, and if the age play kink is the one for you, then we can only say one thing and say it with love:

 Have at it, ya big baby!

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