Your Guide to an Adult Subscription Box.

Nov 23, 2023

Subscription boxes are popular, especially in the beauty and health niches. However, they have also gained popularity in other markets, including the adult toy niche. This article provides comprehensive information on everything you need to know about them.


What is An Adult Subscription Box

An adult subscription box is a form of sex toy product kitting. A variety of sex toys are put together in a single package and shipped to the client. Each sex toy store does its subscription boxes in a unique way. The processes follow a similar mode of operation. They are:


Themed Boxes

These are usually designed around a specific theme that requires specific products. For example, there are BDSM and LGBTQIA+-themed adult subscription boxes. Each of these subscription boxes uses specific sex toys.


BDSM adult subscription boxes may include items such as leather straps, handcuffs, and nipple clamps. LGBTQIA+ boxes may feature suction cup dildos and clitoral stimulators. Each retailer or store has its unique way of creating such subscription boxes, but the contents are more or less the same.

Adult Subscription Box. Is It Worthy? | V For Vibes

Recurring Payments

Recurring payments are a standard feature of all adult subscription boxes. It’s one of the reasons why businesses use it. For starters, recurring payments guarantee an income every month. Another benefit is the markup is a boost for any sex toy business. Last, but not least, custom adult subscription boxes guarantee a long-term monthly income.


Recurring Deliveries

Usually, these boxes are delivered monthly, allowing clients to discover brands they haven’t tried before and try new products from brands they like. 


For manufacturers and retailers, this is a great way to introduce new products. Or, they can use the boxes to sell slow-moving products.


Customer Savings

All adult subscription boxes need to show the client they are saving something. This is why they cost less than if the products are purchased individually. For example, let’s say you purchased four sex toys at $100. A subscription box with the same toys should cost less. It’s normal for the difference to be upwards of $20.

Adult Subscription Box. Is It Worthy? | V For Vibes

Examples of Adult Subscription Boxes

There are different types of adult subscription boxes to suit various needs. The following is a list of three of the most popular in 2023. The list also includes an insight into the adult toys you are likely to find in these subscription boxes.


General Adult Subscription Box

These boxes are usually packed with lubes, toys and other goodies. All these products should meet your specific needs. These boxes come with different toys and accessories. You get options for any relationship or sex pairing. It’s common to find these boxes going for less than $50.


For Beginners

If you are new to the adult toy world, go for the beginner options. These subscription boxes cater for indecisive shoppers. Some may include trial-size massage oils and lubes. Other items to expect include erotica, condoms, and vibrators.


As a beginner in the sex toy world, beginner subscription boxes are the way to go. For example, you may want to test the waters with a vibrator or dildo. With a beginner subscription box, you do so without spending a lot of money. It’s a great and affordable way to try out different types of sex toys.

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For Couples

In this case, you get to choose from a variety of tiers. It’s common to find basic, medium, and full or deluxe tiers. The medium is the most popular. Most companies or stores offer such options. They provide up to 6 full-sized products in each shipment.


If you are an adventurous couple, 6 full-sized sex toys are enough for having fun. Some boxes have a kinky theme. They may include toys, lingerie, and role cards to ensure you bring your fantasy to life. You may also get boxes with BDSM and light kink. These are options you can use to explore new forms of pleasure.

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Advantages of Adult Subscription Boxes

When you subscribe to a subscription box, there are some advantages you get. Since each box is different, the advantages will vary. Take note, five advantages are constant. They are:



Buying adult toys using a subscription box is cheaper. Usually, a sex toy subscription box starts at around $50. The value of such a box may be more than $80. This means you end up saving a large amount when you use a subscription box.


Loads of Fun

If you are a fun-loving individual, an adult subscription box is the way to go. For starters, some of these boxes have a surprise element. The anticipation of the boxes and not knowing the contents make it interesting.


The fun is like what you experience when you get a wrapped gift. Several people who have used these boxes have stated that it’s an exciting experience.


Hand-picked Adult Toys

The majority of subscription boxes come with hand-picked adult toys. All the items selected go hand in hand with your preferences. Choices for the selection consider things like hair color, and skin type. They also consider the sex toys preferred. Additionally, the items are vetted by experts, which guarantees their quality.


It’s a huge plus for people who aren’t sure what they like or those who don’t like shopping. Since the items are curated for you, there’s an extra thrill to each box you get.

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Zero Guesswork

An adult subscription box is great for people who hate shopping or don’t have the time for it. For starters, you get everything delivered to the location of your choice. Furthermore, you get items delivered every month. There’s no need for reminders or making shopping lists.


Getting the Holy Grail

It’s not easy to find the Holy Grail of adult toys. Many subscription boxes are customized to suit your preferences. Remember, some may come with surprises for you to try out.


For example, you may not be a fan of vibrating dildos. An adult toy subscription box may come with one. On trying it, you may discover it’s something you like. These boxes are great examples of how a new sex toy might change your life.


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