Popular Adam & Eve Sex Toys.

Dec 9, 2023

Adam and Eve has no relation to the Bible story. It’s a reputable sex toy store since 1971. The company takes privacy and pleasure seriously. This doesn’t mean it has the most affordable and quality sex toys in the market.


If you love Adam and Eve sex toys, you should know you can find better quality options elsewhere. A good source for better quality adult toys is V for Vibes. They have adult toys for women and men, gay or straight, and anywhere in between. Take a look at some of their popular toys you can find at V for Vibes.

Complete Lover’s Purple Kit

Find all the sex toys you need in a single purple kit. This Adam and Eve sex toy kit comes with 7 products. They are:

  • 8-inch anal beads – great for backdoor thrills
  • Ben-Wa Balls – designed for erotic vaginal massage
  • Cock ring – for stimulating longer and harder climaxes
  • Swirled sleeve – create a fantastic filling experience
  • Nubby sleeve – provides maximum stimulation
  • Rabbit-style vibrator sleeve – for clitoral and G-spot stimulation
  • 7-inch multi-speed vibrator – delivers powerful sensations


All sex toys in this kit are designed for optimum pleasure. They are made using sift and flexible jelly material. You can use them with all types of condoms and lubricants. To slip on the sleeves, add a drop or two of lube. Get a pair of AA batteries for the vibrator. Clean each toy with mild soap and water after use.

V For Vibes Sex Toys - The Partner Package

Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator

Looking for powerful play at your fingertips? The Pink Pleaser female vibrator is the toy for the job. It comes with an insertable clit vibrator. You get an intense experience thanks to its 7-inch long and 1-inch wide measurements. It has nubby clit vibrators and a textured shaft. The combination guarantees an out-of-this-world play anytime you use it. 

Calliope Clitoral Stimulator Adult Toys Near Me - BEST Adult Toy Store near YOU | V For Vibes

There are hundreds of nubs on the clitoral stimulator. These nubs cause sensual excitement you never experienced before. It’s made using soft jelly material to offer maximum comfort during use.


The Slim Pink Pleaser vibrator is not your usual switch on and off vibrator. It comes with a speed controller. Turn it up to increase the speed and down to go slower. This is the perfect feature for the perfect vibrating intensity. Furthermore, the speed dial is located at the base of the sex toy.  The location ensures you control it without interrupting your sexual experience. It’s a great option for solo or couples’ play. 


You can’t charge this vibrator. Instead, you use 2 AA batteries that don’t come with the package. Make sure you remove the batteries during cleaning or storage.


Warming G-spot Rabbit Vibrator

The thought of any sex toy that gets to the G-spot is a turn on. Imagine one that gets there and is heated. The Warming G-spot Rabbit Vibrato from Adam and Eve does just that. And you can find it at affordable prices at V for Vibes.


This is a curvy vibrator that features 5 clitoral stimulator settings. You can choose low, high, quick, steady, or escalation. The independent controls allow you to mix and match clit and shaft simulator settings.


Heating this amazing sex toy only takes 3 minutes. The highest temperature is 107 degrees F. You feel the arousing warmth radiating from the shaft during this period. It’s a great feature for realistic play. It is also the best option for areas with colder temperatures. This rabbit vibrator is made using smooth and luxurious silicone. You can use it in the shower or tub because it’s waterproof.


Intimate Curves Wand

Do you get disappointed when you only find bulky and ugly vibrator wands? If so, check out the intimate Curves Wand. It’s one of the popular Adam and Eve sex toys you can find at V for Vibes. It’s also referred to as the vibrator wand that matches your curves.


Intimate Curves Wand has a gorgeous design. It’s the reason why it maintains the fun synonymous with wand vibrators. Additionally, it comes with 10 intense functions. With a click, you can adjust the pattern and speed of the sex toy. The ten functions allow you to play and experiment. This is a great way to discover your favorite combinations.


Take note vibrations from the toy focus their energy on the head. Plus, it’s submersible and waterproof making it a great option for shower, tub, or pool play. The wand is rechargeable and runs for 3 hours on the lowest settings.


Rechargeable Couples Ring

Adam and Eve state that they consulted with their most adventurous clients. They went further to consult with sex toy experts. The consultations resulted in the rechargeable couple’s penis ring. It’s one of their exclusive sex toys that you can find at V for Vibes.


Adam and Eve’s Rechargeable Couples Ring uses a sleek oval design. It allows the man to enjoy intense stimulation with a snug fit. At the same time, it targets the hot spots of the female partner. This ring stretches in the right places to guarantee longer and stronger erections.


It comes with one control. Use it to choose one of the 10 speeds that ensure you climax together. The ring is waterproof making it a great addition for couples’ play in the shower or tub.

Chloe cock ring - VR, interactive sex toys V For Vibes

Booty Boot Camp Anal Training Kit

If you are looking to ease into anal play without complications, this is the sex toy for you. The Adam and Eve Booty Boot Camp Anal Training Kit comes with 3 anal plugs. They have sizes for beginners, intermediates, and experts.


There’s a 4.5-inch butt plug designed for beginners. The 5-inch medium plug is for intermediates or beginners with wild tendencies. Experts use the 6-inch large plug for activities such as deep anal penetration and play.


Each plug comes with a flared suction base to provide secure and hands-free anal play. Each probe uses flexible, smooth, and body-safe silicone. This is why they provide the most comfortable and easiest experience.

It’s recommended to use plenty of lubricant for all anal explorations. Water-based lubricants are the best for this sex toy. Get yours today at V for Vibes for the best prices in the market.

Opis - The 3-piece Luxury Gem Butt Plug & Anal Training Kit


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