Achieving a Vaginal Orgasm.

Dec 4, 2019

At V For Vibes, we offer free sex toy consultations to help our customers find the best toys for them. We recently did a consultation for someone who wanted some sex advice and help to find the perfect toy. She said she had never experienced a vaginal orgasm. This problem isn’t unusual – many women don’t experience this kind of orgasm regularly, and there’s nothing wrong with that! We’ve put together some tips and recommendations to achieving a vaginal orgasm here. Read on!

A lack of vaginal orgasm can be physical and mental – there’s the anatomy aspect and the mental limitation of a woman allowing herself to reach that pleasure with her partner or herself.

Is it really a problem that a woman can’t achieve a vaginal orgasm? It can seem like a problem, especially since society shows us that it should be super easy. When you look at porn videos and erotic novels, they show that squirting and vaginal orgasms are normal.  When you feel the pressure to orgasm, whether from society or your own mind, it becomes much harder to achieve. If this part of your sex life is unsatisfying or upsetting to you, then that’s a problem. As soon as it begins affecting your happiness, it affects your sex life. Is it a medical problem to not vaginally orgasm? No, not typically. Many women orgasm in different ways – everyone and everybody is unique.

Vaginally penetrative sex, classic dildos or vibrators don’t bring all women to a vaginal orgasm. Some women can orgasm easier from clitoral stimulation, others may orgasm anally, and some may orgasm from g-spot stimulation. Some women enjoy sex with their partner without having an orgasm at all. They just enjoy exploring one another physically and exploring the erotic possibilities of kinky fantasies.

Is the reason that some women can’t achieve vaginal orgasms psychological or anatomical? It can be a combination of both. There is the thought process that all women with vaginas should be able to orgasm vaginally- but it’s very important to remember that everyone’s body is different, and everyone enjoys different things. Therefore, techniques may need to be changed to allow orgasms to happen. Some women need to be stimulated in different way. Maybe you need a combination of g-spot stimulation with clitoral play. Maybe a longer foreplay session is needed to really warm you up. You may also be able to explore your g-spot by having your partner finger you or play with you with a toy designed to stimulate the g-spot. All of that is part of the learning process of getting to know what works best for you.

There can definitely be some psychological barriers to achieving an orgasm, however, in these situations, the psychological barrier tends to stop any and all type of orgasm rather than a specific type.

Are there anatomical reasons why vaginal orgasms seem impossible to achieve? We speak with many women who find vaginal orgasms impossible, and an equal amount who find it extremely easy. Vaginal orgasm through sexual penetration or toys is really an individual thing more than something that’s learned.

Will a Sex Toy Help?

Can sex toys help with achieving a vaginal orgasm? There is definitely a possibility. Sex toys have abilities that fingers and tongues just don’t, and are designed to help get you off. We can’t say that any one particular sex toy will definitely provide a vaginal orgasm. Just as we’re all unique individuals when it comes to our psychology and aesthetics, we’re all unique with our sexual stimulation likes and dislikes, and what is effective for us.

We suggest exploration. Take out the pressure to orgasm and instead just explore what you like. The reality, as proven by surveys and tons of research, is that most vagina-owning people don’t orgasm from vaginal penetration itself. It’s unusual to do so. If you can’t orgasm from vaginal penetration, it’s actually quite normal.

It’s definitely a real thing. There is an area inside the vagina which, when stimulated, can provide unique levels of sexual satisfaction. While penetration of the vagina can feel nice, stimulation of this spot in particular can be very effective and can lead to powerful orgasms. Again, this type of orgasm is experienced by some women, but not all.

G-Spot Sex Toys

The G-spot is in an awkward place to try and locate, let alone try to stimulate with fingers, especially if a woman is trying to stimulate it herself.  Some sex toys have been created to make the task of finding and stimulating the g-spot easier and more fun for everyone. The G-spot is usually located anywhere between 2.5 to 4 inches inside the vagina, on the upper wall. It’s a spongy area with a ridged surface. Because of its location and how hard it can be to find by yourself, G-spot sex toys can provide almost instant pleasure. These toys are specially angled, or have a curved tip. The G-spot is definitely a hard to reach place, but it’s doable. Some people enjoy having their G-spot rubbed in a back and forth or circular motion. Some like vibrating stimulation against the area.

Best G-Spot Sex Toys

The V For Vibes Gaea is famous for its g-spot stimulation. This medical grade silicone toy from V For Vibes is not only an incredible toy, it’s sensually curved to locate the g-spot with ease. Because it’s silicone, it’s not only non-porous and waterproof, but you can use any water based lube you like.

The V For Vibes Persephone is a very unique toy with clitoral suction and g-spot stimulation added in. The tip really helps add pleasure while enjoying that clitoral suction, and the vibrations add an incredible feeling that’s totally different than using a g-spot dildo. It’s silicone so it’s completely body safe and non-porous. Plus, it offers rechargeable power and is fully waterproof.

These are just a few of the amazing toys available on the V For Vibes website to aid in finding that elusive g-spot. Have you tried either toy? Drop a comment and let us know your favorites!


female orgasms, climaxes, vaginal orgasms, g spotter sex toy
female orgasms, climaxes, vaginal orgasms, g spotter sex toy, clit sucking sex toy


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