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Sexually Empowered People – Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be in Charge!

V For Vibes began as a sensation – an absolute state of euphoria. I had never felt more powerful, more independent and in control. In exercising my independence, freedom of choice and a better understanding of my body, I was able to achieve an eruption of pleasure. I would come to call this feeling the V-Vibe.

The V-Vibe became a movement. As an advocate for women’s rights, gender equality and societal progression, I founded V For Vibes to give every person an opportunity to realize their inner goddess. Our line of V For Vibes products places the power into the hands of people, eradicating any sense of dependence they may have on a partner to aid them in their path to achieve their very own V-Vibe.

The V For Vibes is my personal commitment to people everywhere. I have traveled extensively across the United States. Along my journey, I have been blessed to meet and interact with incredible women, men, and non-binary people of very different backgrounds. I have heard many fascinating stories from them; in fact, many resonated with my own story: A forward-thinking, independent female coming from humble means and looking to make an impact on their own life and the lives of those around them.

The path to progression for women, men, and non-binary folks in our society is long and winding, but the V For Vibes felt by both myself and the collective that will help pave this path.

Join V For Vibes and myself in our effort to empower people everywhere. I have captured my V-Vibe. Can you catch yours?

Meet The Team

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Victoria, Director of Marketing

Victoria is the ideal candidate to lead V For Vibes Wellness Brand’s marketing efforts because her unique blend of strategic vision and creativity perfectly aligns with the brand’s mission. Her ability to create captivating and engaging content, paired with her data-driven decision-making skills, ensures that V For Vibes will not only connect with its audience on a deep level but also achieve tangible business growth. Moreover, Victoria’s passion for holistic well-being and her innate talent for building strong relationships make her the perfect fit to convey the brand’s values authentically. With her at the helm, V For Vibes can expect not only exceptional marketing campaigns but also a genuine commitment to fostering a vibrant and healthy community around its products and services.

V For Vibes Female Sexual Toys Founder

Tatiana CEO, Founder

Tatiana is an independent thinker who loves self empowerment and looks to improve the quality of life for all women.

Her goal is to create a place where women can meet and speak freely about anything on their mind, and explore their own sexuality.

In her free time, you can find Tatiana jet setting around the world, working out, playing with her parrots, and creating incredible new and exclusive designs for the V For Vibes product line up!

Patrick, CEO of JIRI &
The Head of Engineering

Patrick has multiple years of experience in designing consumer products. He takes the design from concept to the hand of his clients. Through his company, JIRI, he is re-inventing the way design and manufacturing concepts are being done, to service the low and high volume clients.

In his free time, you can find Patrick tinkering on new ideas and spending time with his family.