15 Love and Trust Text Messages for Him.

Sep 18, 2021

The healthiest relationships, the ones that are potent with love and desire, are driven by two primary ideologies within our lives: love and trust. 

Love and trust generally mean everything to a couple, and they are subjects of which are entirely intertwined, one very much relating to and affecting the other. With this, it is absolutely essential that you cater to trust in an effort to solidify your love, and that you cater to love to showcase your trust for your partner better. 

Trust is an extensive term, however, and you must be cognizant that there are varying forms of trust of which you will need to remain aware within your own love life. There is trusting your partner with your heart, trusting them with their promises, trusting them to never cheat or to be with you forever, trusting them to seek success—all of those things, and more. 

The simple things often mean so much, and the act of sending love and trust text messages for him, subtle reminders of your passion and belief in your relationship and him as a person, are fantastic means of how to build trust with one another and simultaneously send some love. 

As the purveyors of women’s empowerment through our sex toys for women and our education regarding sex and love, we’re here to help you stay creative, thoughtful, and romantic (oh, and of course just a little bit dirty too) in your approach to sending an ‘I trust you text’ that embodies this inner truth. So if you need a little inspiration for his inbox the next time you decide to make his day with a lovely little text message, we got you covered!

Keep reading below for a mixture of text messages that tell him you feel loved and trusted by him, and also those that tell him how much you love and trust him. 

love and trust text messages for him

Love and Trust Text Messages for Him

  1. “I trust you as the sea trusts the tide to sweep her away. Every day, it is there to greet the water, to rise with her and fall with her as time allows, and you have always risen and fallen with me when I need it. You are my tide”.
  2. “A heart skips a beat when in lust but is given extra beats when in love. You have given my heart a million beats, a million different reasons to live. You are my heart, and you are my life, and for this, I love you so.”
  3. “You are the only person who has made me feel secure about goodbye. Our goodbyes never mean forever, and every time you walk away, I am left with the excitement for your return, not the fear of if or when. Thank you for letting me trust that goodbyes really just are ‘I’ll see you laters.’
  4. “My words will never embody my love and trust for you- the English language simply does not maintain the power to manifest such an otherworldly subject. But I felt that, at the very least, I could take a moment to at least tell you that this is the case. That I love and trust you more than language may allow me to express.”
  5. “Thank you for being you. Whether you never change or change a million times, I will always trust you with my heart and with our future. I am here for the long haul, and even more importantly so, I know that YOU are here for the long haul, and that absolutely means the world to me.”
  6. “Hey babe, I just wanted to shoot you a text and tell you to have an incredible night out with your friends. I love and trust you more than you could ever imagine, and I want you to know that I am genuinely ecstatic for you to have a great time tonight. Go wild, be crazy, and I will see you when you get home!”
  7. “You know, I was just thinking about how I have never once questioned our love and trust for one another, and that’s a huge deal. I just thought I’d let you know how much that means to me while I am sitting here thinking about you”.
  8. “To be honest, I have never been so sexually open and honest with another person in my entire life. I trust you with everything about me. From the safety of my heart to the awakening of my sexuality, you’ve taught me so much. I cannot wait to see what the future holds”.
  9. “Do you trust me to play with my sex toy but wait for you to get home to finish? I want to say you should, but the naughty side of me says you shouldn’t. Guess we’ll just have to see soon, my love”.
  10. “You make the challenges of life and love sensationally fun.”
  11. “Every morning, I wake up, and I take a deep breath with you beside me. As the air exits my lungs, I am grateful to inhale even one more breath only to spend another second with you. I love and trust you from my soul outwards. You make me thankful to be alive every single day and for every waking moment.”
  12. “I don’t just trust you- I trust a life with you. I trust that every day I will wake up to your presence, that you will always be there for me, and that our story sees no end. This trust is only because of you and the way you have shown me such love. I will always appreciate your love and trust for me, and I wish to give you all the same and more”.
  13. “I used to think that jealousy and mistrust were normal. With you, I’ve realized that those facets of relationships never even exist when the love is true and when the love is just that, actually love. And I am actually in love with you, and part of that is because I can feel your love for me without you ever having to say a word.”
  14. “When you call me beautiful, your words actually carry meaning. You allow me to trust everything you say by the way you have proved yourself through your dedication to our love, and that is a beacon of hope in the otherwise rough sea of love. You are my lighthouse, and you will always call me home”.
  15. “You understand me. You understand the different types of intimacy that I need. You cater to the entire ecosystem of my love. You do things little and big to prove to me your love and trust for one another. You are the mystery of magic coming to life. You are a girl’s wildest dreams manifesting into fruition. You are the cliche fairytale of the most romantic of dreams coming to life, and I am honored to be the main character of our shared story. Cheers to what’s to come, cheers to what has passed, and cheers for right now”.

You see, working on how to build trust doesn’t have to be complicated. Trust is about being open and honest, so do/be precisely that when expressing how you feel to your loved one, and don’t just say things because you think they are the right thing to say- say them because you mean them!

Use love and trust text messages for him as a way to further showcase and enhance love and trust, and if there are more significant issues at hand, such as not being able to trust your partner for obvious reasons (such as a shady past or consistent lying), then you need to fix the root of the issue before helping it to grow. 

Love and truss text messages for him are like fertilizer to the soil of your love, but remember, you have to plant the tree first, so work diligently in planting the tree to your love and rely on these cute little messages as a unique and easy way to take an ‘I trust you text’ and spice it up to newfound levels of sincerity and creativity. 

We promise your man will love it, and if/when you are ready to take the texting game even a step further, take a peek at our ultimate guide to sexting and how to take the hottest nude photos for an even more erotic way to say I love and trust you. 

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